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Tania Mardirosian

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

OVERVIEW OF THE EXCEL SCREEN The Name Box indicates what cell you are in. This cell is called the 'active cell.'

The cell is highlighted by a black box

The "=" is used to edit your formula on your selected cell

The Formula Bar indicates the contents of the cell selected. If you have created a formula, it will appear in this space. OVERVIEW OF THE EXCEL SCREEN Microsoft Excel consists of workbooks

Within each workbook is an infinite no. of worksheets

Each worksheet contains columns and rows

Where a column and a row intersect, it is called a cell

For example, cell B6 is located where column B and row 6 meet
You enter your data into the cell on the worksheet

Tabs at the bottom of the screen represent different worksheets within a book.

You can use the scrolling buttons at the bottom of the worksheet to bring other worksheets to view. VIEW MENU You can change the view of your work so that it is page by page

You can insert Headers and Footers into your work

You can add comments about a specific cell for future reference ENTERING FORMULAS Prepared By Tania Mardirosian INTRODUCTION TO MICROSOFT EXCEL FORMAT MENU You can change the
alignment &
of certain cells by going to the
"Cell" option
in the
Format Menu ENTERING FORMULAS When entering numerical data, you can command Excel to do any mathematical function.

Start each formula with the "=" sign.

To enter the same formulas for a range of cells, use the colon sign, ":" MORE TIPS FOR ENTERING DATA Excel 2010 Video Tutorial
Beginners Guide To Functions WHAT IS MICROSOFT EXCEL? ADDITION FORMULAS To add cells together use the "+" sign. To sum up a series of cells, highlight the cells then click the auto sum button.

The answer will appear at the bottom of the highlighted box. Subtraction Formulas Division Formulas Multiplication Formulas To subtract cells use the "-" sign To divide cells use the "/" sign To divide cells use the "*" sign TIPS FOR ENTERING DATA To highlight a series of cells, click and drag the mouse over the desired area. To move a highlighted area, click on the border of box and drag the box to the desired area You can sort data (numerically, alphabetically etc.) Just highlight the cells and press the sort shortcut key. To update your worksheet you can use the find and replace action under the Edit menu To change the order of the worksheets, click and drag the worksheets tab to the desired order You can cut and paste for moving data around Excel 2010 Video Tutorial
Creating A Basic Worksheet Excel
Is a computer program used to create electronic spreadsheets

It is the equivalent of a paper and ledger sheet.

Excel Allows You To
Organize Data
Create Charts
Perform Calculations

With Excel You Can Create
Large Spreadsheets
Reference Info. From Other Spreadsheets Brief History of Spreadsheets STUDENT TASK TOY DRIVE ASSIGNMENT You are on a committee that is donating $5000 worth of toys to needy children. Spend as close to $5000 budget WITHOUT going over. Step 1: Internet Search For Toys Your job as a marketing representative is to select toys for the following age categories by going to the toysrus.ca site.

You must select at least 2 different toys per age category. The maximum number of toys is optional. Your job is to make as many children happy.

These are the categories you will be buying toys for: Step 2: Create a Spreadsheet with the columns shown below STUDENT TASK.... Step 3: Add your data and calculate totals. Please ensure that you do not spend more than your budget and ensure that you have bought at least one toy for each age group.

The title of the spreadsheet is ABC Toy Drive.
Create a header that says ABC Secondary School.
Include a footer in with your name.
Include 2 NOTES within your Excel Spreadsheet about two toys (i.e items is on backorder, out of stock, very popular, etc.) Step 5: Format your spreadsheet using the correct numeric format with column and width. Use color and borders to enhance the appearance of your spreadsheet. How To Recognize an Excel File? File names ends in << .xls >> TYPES OF DATA YOU TYPE Three basic types of data that can be entered

- Labels:
(text with no numerical value)
Ex. "State" or "Month"

(just a number -- constant value)
Ex. "1,345" or "1,118"

(mathematical equation used to calculate)
Ex. "=10+100", or "=123*12+78.2" Note: Text Values will cause errors....Any Empty values are counted as '0' OTHER FUNCTIONS AVERAGE
- Ignores texts and blanks

- Returns the largest value in a range

-Returns the smallest value in a range

-Returns the number -data cell

-Returns the number of non-empty cells Step 4: On a separate worksheet, sort the toys from least to greatest
On another worksheet, sort the toys alphabetically
What is the AVERAGE price of all the toys? Show your work in Excel
What is the Min, and Max values of the toys? Show your work in Excel
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