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Introduction to EDU 228

No description

Holly Atkins

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to EDU 228

Course Goals
The Road Ahead
EDU 228 Spring 2016
What this course is...
and what it isn't.
Weekly Discussion Board Posts & Responses
Group Teaching Presentation
Emerging Technologies
Part 1: Storyboard

Part 2: Script

Part 3: iMovie
Digital Storytelling Project
Partner Project!

Interactive Learning Experience
...and the teachers they need.
Create six word memoir
Multiple drafts
Revise and edit

Final copy:
Powerpoint slide
Add visual – clip art, photo …
Email as attachment: holly.atkins@saintleo.edu
Signature optional
Time to Write!
Graphic organizer

Brainstorm individually (5 minutes)

Share in small groups (10 minutes)
To Get the Creative Juices Flowing…
You don’t have to be clever – just honest.
What quality describes you?
An important event in your life?
Your dreams, your disappointments?
Favorite activities?
In Six Words…
Six-Word Memoirs
Have it all; I wanna run. by goldenslumbers
Writing about experiences I've never experienced. imissyoumadly
I'll survive against you, pesky hormones. By
Broken Chariot
Teen Six-Word Memoirs
Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure
Google Drive Sign-Up

Tech Trends for Teachers
Choice of Tech Tools
Student-Centered Exploratory Learning
Students entering your classrooms
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