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Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks

No description

Jessica Fontaine

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks

Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks
Ebooks on Nooks
These books are only accessible on the nook you check out.

Each nook contains at least six books.

When you check out a book from a nook, you have access to the other books stored on the device.
Ebooks: Where to Find Them

Tolland High School Homescreen

Select Follett Ebooks link

Login id: thsguest
password: tolland

The page it opens will display all digital books in the THS collection
Ebooks:How to Check them Out
Read descriptions of each book by clicking on the "i" icon on the bottom right of each book cover.
Reading a Follett Ebook:
You can access them on any computer, or download the Enlight app on your tablet or smartphone.

Once you check out an Ebook, you'll have access to it for two weeks.

When browsing, the book will automatically return after 45 minutes.
Listening to a Catalist Digital Audiobook
From the Destiny homepage, select Catalist Digital Audiobooks
pw: catalist732
select the book you'd like. It will stream on a computer or download the Catalist app on your tablet or smartphone to automatically download.
What are Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks?
is a virtual copy of a book. It can be accessed in a variety of ways.

digital audiobook
is a book that you listen to. There are many ways to access these resources.
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