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Edward Jones

BMGT495 Case Presentation

Katie Leard

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Edward Jones

Confronting Success in 2006 Bottom Line Up Front More American households investing due to economic & social trends
Trading is going online
Baby boomer market opportunities
Increasing industry competition
Edward Jones must scrutinize advertizing strategies Industry Analysis SWOT 2. Increase Advertising 3. Personalized Segmentation Presented by Smith Solutions Group Amy Kombert-Rosenblatt, Alyssa Carmen,
Michael Costello, Austin Levy, & Katie Leard Five Forces Analysis Summary Thank you. Recommendation & Implementation Recommendation & Implementation 1. Online Trading Recommendation & Implementation Possible Actions Emergence of E-trading and the Internet
Wider availability of information Large industry emphasis on advertising
Edward Jones: $22 m vs. Merrill Lynch: $60 m Different customers require different needs
Soft line segmentation Offer online trading at profitable urban locations
Hire specialized staff Implementation Invest $35 million in advertising
Analyze results and invest further funds
Utilize alternate forms of advertising Implementation Supplementary training program for employees
Staff must be flexible with consumers Implementation BLUF Commissions were similar to other companies
Formed personal relationships with clients Brand and name recognition weak
Relies heavily on retirees
Lacks an online presence Improving labor market and economic conditions
Improve trading and gain more of an online presence Trend of continuing consolidation in the industry
High cost of acquiring new business
E-commerce hurting financial advisers Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Great opportunity for growth in industry
Take advantage of technology
Must stay ahead of increasing competition
Pay attention to advertising
Create slight emphasis on customer segmentation Expand and offer more services
Capitalize on the Internet
Raise brand awareness
Seek acquisition
Segment clientele tighter
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