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Artefacts: Ancient Greece

3 Artefacts, Enjoy<33

Jessica Petrus

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Artefacts: Ancient Greece

3 Ancient Artefacts:
Ancient Civilizations Made By Jess The 1st Artefact The Athenian Coin The 2nd Ancient The Olympic Wreath The 3rd Artefact Lamps Where The Artefact was found in Ancient Greece? Most Lamps were found in Athens, Greece. Which Museum the artefact is in now, and how did it get there? The lamps are now in The Royal Ontario Museum brought by archeologist Here Hayes What the artefact represents and its purpose? The lamp doesn't represent anything, but it's main purpose was to keep warmth and be light What the artefact is made of and its origin material The artefact is now made out of plastic but its original material was stone and burned fat. What this artefact tells us about the life and skills of ancient Greeks. In my point of view, I see that ancient Greeks skills and life would've been very different. But they had very good skills as you can see. These skills are still used today but with more machinery/technology Why is this artefact part of my gallery? This artefact is part of my gallery because from what I see, the ancient Greeks have used their skills and have taught us in a more simple way. Half of the things we have are mostly made in ancient times, don't you notice? Where was the artefact found The Athenian
coin was
found in
Athens. Which museum its in and how it got there? The Athenian Coin is Numismatic Museum in Athens. What the artefact represents and its purpose? The Athenian Coin represents
the Owl which
was their God of
victory. The purpose
of this coin was
used as money. What this tells us about the life and skills of Ancient Greeks
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