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Julie of the Wolves

No description

Bria Williams

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Julie of the Wolves

Why I chose that passage Imagery A scene which uses imagery in my book is when Alex and Conner fall through the story book their grandmother gave them, and landed in the Land of Stories. This scene shows imagery because it clearly explains the land around them (the two kids) by describing all the trees, the plants, animals, and so on, so we know how the land looks like.

Describe: The scene uses imagery by describing all the land around Alex and Conner, using vivid words to create a clear picture in your mind.

Contribution: The setting contributes to the significance of the scene because when the author describes the setting, we know where the story takes place, or, in other words, we know where currently the main characters are. "Ayi!" she cried. "My food! My life! I'm
dead!" Julie of the Wolves
By: Jean Craighead George Favorite passage I chose this part of the story
because she was exaggerating. Challenging Word Sentence from the book---> "Gnarlllllllllll," she snapped at Jello
and lowered her club.
Original sentence---> The pack of the
wolves always listened to Miyax. Describe and choose a character The character I chose is Miyax (Julie).

Miyax is an Eskimo girl who has a pack of
wolf and wolf pups. When she is in San Fransico,
she is called Julie. This is why the book is called
Julie of the Wolves. Symbol for the character Why I chose the symbol is because
it represents Miyax's wolves. Important value or ethnic Setting Describe the setting here (a paragraph).
Miyax's father went into a war
Miyax takes care of a wolf pack
She keeps coming back and forth from Alaska to San Fransico. Draw a picture of the setting. Show it to the class here. Similarities & Differences Similarities:
Me and Miyax both like wolves

We both are in California

We have pets from the dog family. Differences:
Miyax also lives in Alaska.
I don't live somewhere cold.
Make a connection Miyax keeps going to different
places like from Alaska to California
I go to different places like from
California to Nevada. Theme of novel Julie of the Wolves is a good theme of the story.
I think that because she loves taking care of her wolves
and her bird. Four Quotes to support the theme 1- When he was gone shestood for a long time.
Page number: p. 111

2- "Where are you and what are you doing?"
Page number: 118 Continued... 3 - ""You've got to be a super-wolf to live."

4 - "Amaroq, Nails, Kapu, I thank you. I thank you."
p.133 THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY If you have any questions, you can ask them now... 1 2 3 5 6 7 Miyax is a good person because she
takes care of a wolf pack who loves
her. Word--->Abeyance
Definition---> A state of temporary dispuse or suspension. 8 9 * Draw a picture of a symbol that represents your character.
I drew a wolf to represent Miyax's wolfs. Miyax (or Julie) gets on a plane and flies off to San Fransico. When she gets there, she is Miyax no more. She is now Julie. Draw a picture of the scene that shows imagery from the story. show it to the class here. PRESENTATION
:) :D :P ;)
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