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The Innatist view, Chomsky´s LAD

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Lina Mar

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of The Innatist view, Chomsky´s LAD

Avran Avran Noam Chomsky The Innatist view, Chomsky´s LAD Behaviorism "Say what I say" Skinner (1929) "Language behavior is the production of the
correct responses to stimuli through reinforcement" Chomsky
(1959) Innatism Language
Acquisition Learning
to walk All humans are born in possession of an innate ability to comprehend language structured. (Chomsky-1959) LAD Language Acquisition Devise Chomsky postulated the existence within the brain of children of a LAD. This hypothetical device permits children to learn rules that govern a language regardless of limited exposure to primary linguistic data. How does it work? Universal Grammar (UG) Children need access
only samples of a
natural language. which serve as a
trigger to activate
the device. One the
LAD is
activated They discover the
structure of the
language to be
learn. The Critical Period Hypothesis The Critical Period Hypothesis states that the first few years of life is the most crucial time for an individual to acquire a first language if presented with adequate stimuli. If language input does not occur until after this time, the individual will never achieve a full command of language. The critical period was further explored in 1967 in Eric Lenneburg's book Biological Foundations of Language. Evidence Use to Support
Chomsky's Innatism Possition 2. Language is separated from other aspects
of cognitive developments (i.e. creativity ) and may be located in a different "module" of then brain. 3. The language children are exposed to does not
contain examples of all the linguistic rules and
patterns. 4. Animals can not learn to manipulate a symbol system as complicated as the natural language of a 3 - 4 year-old child. 5. Children acquire grammatical rules without getting explicit instruction. The Biological Basis for the innatist Position... Two versions: Strong Weak 1. Virtually all children successfully learn their native language at a time in life when they would not be expected to learn anything else so complicated. (i.e. Biologically programmed.)
Avram Noam Chomsky
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