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Chapter 10 how to create a positive learning environment

sed300 presentation

lauren dunn

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 10 how to create a positive learning environment

Chapter 10 how to create a positive learning environment PHYSICAL
classroom climate & positive classroom dynamics
is a challenge... THE CARING CLASSROOM orchestrate the classroom so
that you and your students become a.... cohesive productive mutually supportive group "caring pedagogy can create or restore self-confidence needed for participating in the positive learning opportunities in the classroom." Paul & Colucci, 2000, p.45 How ???...... help all students learn to thier fullest potential

get to know your students become a student of your students welcoming classroom the way you speak & listen determines how much your students believe you care!! "students learn more when thier classes are satisfying, challenging, and friendly and they have voice in decision making." Walberg & Greenberg, 1997, p.46 the same study presented...... 15 dimensions of classroom life and how each influences students' learning "relations of care
& trust should
improve (or at least
not hurt)
acheivement." Nel Noddings (2002,p.99) Stanford University THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT fresh air plants clean painted walls displays of students' work ....create a positive learning environment seating arrangements furniture placement dont forget..... make your WHOLE class the "ACTION ZONE" CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION a critical factor in creating a positive
learning environment... how students are grouped
how tasks are structured
how resources are used Between-Class Ability "tracking", assigned to classes
based on acheivement
(standardized test scores)
or goals after graduation. Within-Class Ability mostly used for
math & english
for homogeneous
instruction college prep track
business track does not contribute to
greater acheivement elementary:
eagles, bears heighten preexisting differences
Grouping Students By Ability Grouping Students: Cooperative Learning 1)small groups work together 2)assignments require help from
one another 3)groups may compete against
eachother 4)contribute to group goals
based on talents & interests great for "at-risk" students
strengthen interpersonal skills Delivering Instruction Authentic Learning Tasks what activity will enable me to accomplish my
instructional goals? enable students to see connections to the outside world oral reports
on students
research How Time Is Used Allocated Time time teachers set aside for instruction
in various areas of the curriculum. time-on-task is difficult to measure... Academic Learning Time the amount of time a student spends
working on academic tasks with a high
level of success. "some students
[may receive]
as much as 4 times more
instructional time in a
given subject than others
in the same grade." Good & Brophy, 2003 more than 1000 hours most
states mandate for instruction
atthe elementary level
actually result
in 300 hours of engagement... Opportunity To Learn OTL, teachers should use time to provide
all students with challenging content developing standards stand up!!
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