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Golden Ratio

Infomation on the Golden Ratio

Savannah Hargarves

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio This statue contains the Golden Ratio, not only when you look front on but when you look at it side on. It has a total of two Golden Rectangles. The first one is the length from the front head to the ear. The second one appears in the ratio of the length from the nostril to the earlobe. Statue of Athena What is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a serious of numbers, 1.61803398875. It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and other areas. The golden ratio is said to be the prefect rectangle, if the rectangle has the golden ratio then it is said to be more pleasing to the eye. Dimensions of the pyramid: The Great Pyramid and the Golden Ratio Height: 146.515m and base: 230.363m slant height: 186.369m.

How does the golden ratio relate to these dimensions?

If you divide the slant height by half the base you get, 1.61804. This is different from the golden ratio by only one unit in the fifth decimal place. Golden Ratio Symbols The golden ratio is in many things such as, nature, architecture, music and art. Golden Ratio In Art It makes a big impact on all of them especially art. It influences an artist perspective of the perfect painting. What makes it so perfect and pleasing to the eye? The Mona Lisa actually has the golden ration in her. Her face is a perfect golden rectangle. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It is said that if a painting has the golden ratio in it that means it will be more please to the eye. So we think the painting is perfect because it has the golden ratio in her face. This symbol is used in mathematics equations The Last Supper The master piece, the last supper contains the Golden Ratio. In fact the Golden Ratio appears several times in the painting. It appears in the ceiling and where the people are sitting. It does not appear where Jesus Christ is sitting. Leonardo Da Vinci use the Golden ratio's beauty to create this painting.
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