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Columbia University

No description

Melanie Minas

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Columbia University

History... Columbia University The founding of the college began in the early 1700s by Colonel Lewis Morris in the Province of New York Student Life Financial Aid Tuition and Fees: Degrees Offered: SAT Critical Reading SAT Math "In Thy light shall we see light"Psalm 36:9 Persuaded the society that New York City was the perfect location to establish a college upon July 1754 Dr.Samuel Johnson was the college's first president and the ONLY instructor of the college's first class "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance. "
-Samuel Johnson est.October 31, 1754 Officially founded as King's College (by royal charter of King George II) 1857 The college moved its location from Park Place to 49th street and Madison Avenue Race/Ethnicity In-state and Out of State Lewis Morris In-state Out-of-state $47,246 $47,246 Room and Board: $11,496 $11,496 *on campus only Books and Supplies: $2,807 $2,807 Columbia University has a variety of unique facilities and teams Art
Galleries Architect Teams Physics and Astronomy Department Pupin Hall 10% Men in Fraternities 10% Women in Sororities Team Name: LIONS Mascot: Roaree the Lion Fencing Field Hockey Golf Lacrosse Swimming Volleyball Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Popular
Majors 25% Social Sciences

21% Engineering

8% Biology

6% History 5% English

5% Foreign Languages and Literature

5% Visual and Performing Arts SAT Writing 200 800 200 800 200 800 690-780 700-790 690-780 ACT 1 36 31-34 (Classes were initially held) April 1968 Over 1,000 protesting students occupied the campus's buildings in opposition to the Vietnam War. The University was shut down until all students were forcibly removed by the New York City police 1994 Columbia University began a 650-million-dollar building program The program provided a wider range of projects, renovation, and athletics facilities minimum of a 3.0 GPA Admissions Committee also look at:
-standardized test scores
-the autobiographical essay
-high school performance Today Columbia University is located in Broadway, NY
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