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Copy of Public Houses Culture

No description

Louis Tourneur

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Public Houses Culture

Public House Culture
Some history
If you don't know the history of pubs, me, Loulou from Munich and Moumou from the Moroccan White House will teach you that history
PUB, we can also eat there !
Let's check some kinds of pubs
- Tabernae appeared with the arrival of the Romans and of the roman road network

-They offered refreshment to travelers
- After the fall of the Romano-British kingdoms, the Anglo-Saxons established alehouses

- Domestic dwellings were simply turned into such establishments

- There the villagers could meet, gossip and help each other

- In 965 King Edgar decreed that just one alehouse per village would be authorized
- They were located along highways and in the countryside

- Travelers could seek food, drink and also lodging

- They were also gathering places and provided for fodder and the stabling of horses

- Famous London inns: The George Southwark and The Tabard
Beer houses
- The first alehouses began to brew their own beer in the early 15th century

- Independent commercial breweries appeared at the end of the 17th century, where almost all beer was brewed by the end of the century

- Beer Houses appeared with the Beer Act of 1830, whose purpose was to “reduce public drunkenness”
Snug or "smoke room"
Public Bar
. concept of the bar counter
. get a maximum of people drunk in the shortest time
. bar with cheap bear as we say in French : "PAS CHER, PAS CHER !"
. for the working class
. higher prices and better quality beer
. private spot for bosses and ladies...
- bar with billiard room and card room
- a few of them have a cabaret, music bands, comedy club or even striptease.
- For all fans of striptease, I recommend the famous lounge in London : the Grecian saloon.
First of all in pubs, there is always this.
What can we eat there ?
- Snacks like pork scratches, pickled eggs, crisps and peanuts

-cold meals like
ploughman’s lunch
- Contains: cheese, chutney, bread and other

-Promoted in the 1950s by the Cheese Bureau
Ploughman’s lunch
For information:
Pickled eggs
- boiled eggs in vinegar or brine
Shellfish in pubs
- In South East England shellfish are sold to customers during the evening

- Shellfish and pubs play a huge part in British culture

A new variety of snacks
- A new formula like "a pie and a pint" or chicken in a basket

- The introduction of microwave oven offers many menus and increased beer sales

- a new kind of pub in which you can find a good quality of food

- another kind of customers
Pub Music
In pubs you'll listen to different kinds of music according to the local culture:

- in English pubs: pop, folk and rock

- in Irish pubs: celtic music

- in Australian pubs: australian rock and country music
The Rumjacks: An Irish Pub Song
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