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Braydon Spaulding

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Braydon Spaulding

Setting: Philadelphia
Chapter 1: Philadelphia
In chapter 1 of the book it introduces Frances.
Chapter 2
After she found out her dad had shot himself she was told that she could not live in her house and she had to live with her Aunt Bushnell
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 is just another continuation of her fathers death and the outcomes.
Chapters 10-11
Setting: West Philadelphia
Setting: Pittsburgh
These chapters talk about how Frankie and Stewpot would ask for a littlfood and after they were done eating they would just take off running. Also they had different names for stuff like sugar was called sand. It introduces more characters like Peg-leg Al, Blink, Dot, and etc.
Chapters 12-13
Setting: Philadelphia
These chapters talk about How all the new characters got there names: Peg-leg Al got his name because he tried jumping on to a moving train and slippe under the train and got his cut off. It also says that Frankie buys her first knife and the man asked $2 and Stewpot bargained him down to 25 cents.
Chapters 8-9
Setting: Pittsburgh
in these chapters it talks about how Frankie and stewpot would swim in the water to keep the *crumbs* off your head. it also is a contuation of the talk where girls would have to act a whole lot like guys. It also says that there are families whos shoes are worn down to the heel.
Nowhere To Call Home by: Braydon Spaulding
Frances is the main character of the book Nowhere to call home she is waken up by a loud sound.
The loud sound had been a gun shot by her father...he had shot himself.
A man named Mr. Fletcher hans Frances $10 and a train ticket for aunt Bushneell's
Frances' butler, gardener, and house maids all had to find another way to live now that her father died.
Chapter 4-5
In these chapters it talks about how people would become hobos for the heck of it.
It also says that millionaires would become poor and sell fruit on the side of the road.
Chapters 6-7
in these chapters it says that girls would try to look and act guys for disguise. It would also talk about railroad cops and what to do if you run into them. If the train were to stop you would have to hide or run.
Chapters 14-16
Setting: Cinncinatti
In chapters 14-16 it talks about Stewpot and all other the widling he did and how they liked it.
Along with the chapters it also says that there only source of light was one little candle standing in the center of the room by candle wax.
hobo slang: Frill,Swill, and *flop*
Chapters 17-20
Setting: Cincinatti
In these chapters it taalks about Stewpot and Frankie found a nice lady that was willing to give them food and gave frankie clothes for some work.
It also talks about how other hoboes would help each other find a place that they can get a meal at and if they were nice or not.
Hobo slang: *jungle* and reefer
Chapters 21-24
Setting: Cincinatti
In these chapters it talks about Frankie going and spending the $$$ that she had had on food, blankets, and etc...
It also talks about Stewpot getting sick and how Frankie is trying to do her best to bring Stewpot back to health and this guy finds them in the snow and takes them to his "humble" home.
Hobo slang: dunno,
Continuing chapters 21-24
Setting: Cinncinatti
As they are in the mans home Frankie tries to get a Dr. to see Stewpot but they wont so she brings a cab to Stewpot and as she and the man are carrying him Frankie realizes that Stewpot is not breathing. Stewpot had passed.
Chapters 25-26
Setting Cinncinatti
In these last two chapters it talks about Frankie holding and trying to believe Stewpot was still alive.
After she was done believing her and jack buried Stew and frankie put his knife in his hand and left.
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