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Radical Queer Black Women

No description

Madlyn MacKillop

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Radical Queer Black Women

Laura in Pariah Pariah's Alike Alike is a queer black young woman.

In discovering her sexuality and gender, she:
- Doesn't adhere to masculine/feminine binary
- Goes against religion and family in search of self-discovery Grace Jones Female, black, queer David Bowie
Presents herself in very decadent, sexual way
Iconic androgynous image
On being Grace: "I wasn't born this way, one creates oneself."
Even in a "respectable" role, like a James Bond girl, she is radical
Went against religion of family like Alike Me'Shell Ndegeocello Radical - hip-hop artist, but represents a different kind of hip-hop
-Homosexual narratives in music

“Homophobia is rampant in the black community, so I am a traitor to my race, and gay people don’t like me because I’m not gay enough”. - Me'Shell Alike Queer Black Women Radical Conversations with Queer Women of Color Discussion Topics We will be discussing these women and their queer identities in terms of:
Fashion Why are these Queer Black Women Radical? They are radical because they are challenging the norms of society with their sexuality, self-representation, image, music, fashion, and intersectionality of identities. What is Queer? sexuality and/or gender identity
challenging the norms through images and representations We are defining "Queer" in terms of: Non-conforming
Marginalized in terms of race, sexuality, class, gender
Identity expression through fashion, music, and image
Do not let the media define them - Laura is also a young queer black woman (and is Alike's best friend)

- Self-identifies differently and more confidently than Alike
- Male-presenting "boi" "AG"
-Added economic struggles

- Radical: rejected by family, struggles with class and gender intersectionality The Dildo and masculine, club identity Pink sweater and feminine, family identity "Alike knows that she loves women; that's not the question. The question is 'how to be,'" Rees told NPR. "And so, in my own struggle, a large part of my question was how to be in the world."" Identity Grace Jones in Action Tara Balch, Paul Gels, Madlyn MacKillop, Kaeleigh Terrill, Kat von Buckingham Theme of "Doing my thing" 1:46 Identity 00:40 "How I Identify" The Peculiar Kind 2:15-3:10 Madlyn Madlyn Paul Paul Paul Tara Kaeleigh Kat Tara Kaeleigh and Kat Kat
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