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The Tortilla Curtain Part 1

No description

Lea Remmert

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of The Tortilla Curtain Part 1

The Tortilla Curtain Part 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 1-8 Chapter 7 Chapter 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 2 What information do we get about Delaney? Chapter 1 & 6 Chapter 6 Chapter 1 Describe José Navidad's characteristic features Describe the contrast between Candido and America's dreams and their living condition Describe the attitudes of the residents to the building of a gate Examine what the characteristics features of coyotes are: What symbolic meaning do they bear in relation to illegal Mexicans? Relate Delaney's and Jack's position on immigrants as voiced in their discussion in the supermarket lives in Arroyo Blanco -> L.A.
thinks of himself as a liberal-humanist->free borders for immigrants
lives in a typical American middle-class standard
wife:called Kyra
Step-son:called Jordan
owns two dogs and one cat
works at home , columnist,takes care of household
Kyra is the breadwinner
prejudices against Mexicans Explain the discrepancy between Delaney's ideals and his behavior after the accident Ideals:
liberal humanist
free borders
first thought about the car
doesn't care about Candido's health because Delaney doesn't want to get punished
treats him like an animal -> 20$ Analyze the narrator's point of view changing perspectives from Delaney to Candido to clarify their two different worlds
points out how different events influence the two characters sneaky
doesn't respect women
violent Analyze the attitudes of Candido, America and Jose towards the living and working conditions in the US and the American people they encounter different attitudes towards the American Dream
Mexican values :
ignoring the bad working conditions
Americans :
not used to hard work dreams:
house, car, job, steady income, satisfaction
reality :
living in the canyon, homeless, work less, hungry, health problems, depressed,desperate afraid of wild animals,strangers , crime
keeping illegal immigrants out
living in a bubble -> avoiding contact with the bad situation represent illegal immigrants
-> jump over border and take what they want , then they go back in their country Delaney :
America's existence is based on immigration
thinks Jack is racist
Jack :
get control of the borders
legal immigration is bad Comment on the conflict between Delaney's ideal of liberal humanism and his feelings and thoughts when confronted with Mexicans gate against Mexicans would be irresponsible
USA is a nation of immigrants
he does not feel guilty about Candido
is embarrassed and angry about Candido's camp
wants to call the sheriff
develops hate against Mexicans Chapter 4 Point out what we learn about Candido and America's past Candido :
he lived in a village in Mexico in big poverty
worked in period of nine month in the north
had a wife who cheated him while working
tried to go across the US-border several times
she is 17
suffered from her father
younger sister of Candido's first wife
married and pregnant from Candido Explain what is meant by the statement "a wound that refused to heal" wound is supposed to symbolize the racism
Candido is injured by it (emotionally) and will never heal Explain what Sacheverell's capture stands for the dog is surrounded by a fence
this fence stands for the gate around county
dog still gets attacked
coyote stands for Mexicans->can still cross the gate America's rape has been foreshadowed. Find examples José Navidad was interested in her ( buying her a coffee)
he molests her and grabs her feet at the labor exchange
America and Candido were living unprotected in the desert
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