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Lascaux caves 15,000 -13,000 BC

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david barnes

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Lascaux caves 15,000 -13,000 BC

Lascaux caves 15,000 -13,000 BC

Tibetan Sand Mandala

Navaho Sand Painting

A map of a Song line - the journey of ancestor from Dreamtime

Dreamtime – the aboriginal spirit world can be entered into when special spaces, music and designs are made and used in a special way.

Homo Aestheticus – man who makes things special

Aboriginal Art –Making the body and the world sacred


Shanidar, Turkey
This Neanderthal woman and her child were found in pit tomb covered with wildflower pollen.

What does this imply about the Neanderthal culture?

Principles of Primal Worldview –
All nature shares a common life – elan vital
Life force manifests itself as spirits found in all natural things –vitalism
The spirit world permeates yet is separated from the “real world”.
Spirit power can be gathered and stored in inanimate objects/places through worship, ritual, and image making.
Numinous experiences are supernatural in origin.

Diggeriddu –special music

Fetish objects – contain spirits

Corroboree – ritual dance
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