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Leicester city have won the premier league!!

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on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Leicester city have won the premier league!!

Leicester have won the premiership 10 time s since 1897
Leicester have won the fa cup 3 time s since the start of the fa cup
Between these past 5 year's Leicesters football team have won the league 1,the football league championship and the Barclays Premer league!.
Leicesters top striker and also the premier league is Jamie Vardy and his striker partner Okazaki.
In leicesters last match they drew 1-1 against Manchester united on Monday 2nd of may 2016 and even though they drew that match they are still on top of the league.
Leicesters biggist loss was against Nottingham in 1909 when they lost 12-0!!
Ad it s biggest win was against Nottingham in the 1894 fa cup when they won 13-0!!
Leicester league 1 in England when football start ed.
Leicester city winning the premier league by Jake Gibbs
Leicester city have won the premier league!!
Leicesters top players and facts within this week and last week
Leicester winning the BPL
Leicesters best player this season has been Riyad Mahrez.
Leicesters rival team is Everton.
It was a surprise to Leicester s player s aseptically to Morgan because Leicester haven't won the league in quite a while.
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