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Year 9 CMS Duration

No description

Andrew Mifsud

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Year 9 CMS Duration

Concepts of Music Duration How long/short notes are Beat: basic underlying pulse
implicit/explicit Tempo: Speed of the beat
Constant/Changing Fast
Medium Gradual or sudden Metre: division of the beat Duple metre = 2 beats
Triple metre = 3 beats
Quadruple metre = 4 beats Time signature: how many beats and type quavers in pairs quavers in 3s simple compound Rhythm note values - short/long
simple/complex, regular (steady beat)/ irregular (free rhythm)
rhythmic devices- riff, ostinato, call & response, imitation, repetition, syncopation, rock beat, swing rhythm, accents, cross rhythms, polyrhythms, rubato
rhythmic layers- number of layers/instruments Listen to the song and write down the instruments you hear.
Put the instruments in order, as they appear.
What are the instruments doing?

Consider BEAT- does the music have a beat? Is it regular/irregular?
Consider TEMPO- describe the speed. Is it constant or does it change?
Consider METRE- can you group the beats and suggest a time signature?
Consider RHYTHM- are short notes/long notes/rests used? Use the rhythmic devices to describe what you hear.
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