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INTA 608

No description

Leah Stockstill

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of INTA 608

Sex in the Economy
Why is this topic important?

HIV/AIDS epidemic led to increase in trafficking younger girls
Psychological damage
Severe depression, suicide
Military events
Industrialization bolstered sex industry
Cultural beliefs
Sex tourism- high demand
make more money than in manual labor
most lucrative form of employment a
woman can enter- 6,000 or more baht/month
Over 60,000 brothels and other sexual service centers total
75% of Thai men purchase sex
bonding experience
start at age 13
Increase in tourism:
7.7 million in 1998
10 million in 2001

Between 500,000-2.8 million prostitutes in Thailand
only 74,000 registered adults
Between 30-40,000 under age 18
Women and girls sold for average of $2,000

Bet. 1993-1995 estimated annual income of between 22.5 and 27 billion dollars
Currently, roughly $4.3 billion/year industry
60% of national income
$300 million/year goes to rural families--more than from aid programs
Brothels on average receive a net profit of $26,494/month
Individual Incentives
Revenue more than doubled from 2000-2007
$15.5 billion to almost $34 billion
Even when foreign visitors decline (2002, 2003, 2006) % of GDP still rose
8.6%, 9.7%, 18.6%
70% of trafficked women contract venereal disease
Entrepreneurs/businessmen and then housewives have overtaken sex workers for first and second highest HIV rates--because of use of prostitutes
Psychological damage
Around 650,000 prostitutes in Indonesia (~75,000 registered)
60% of children under five do not have birth certificates, putting them at higher risk
Debt bondage between $600-$1200, usually impossible to pay off
Comparing the Two
Freelance workers can make $1500-2500/month
Usually, if not forced, do this work to support family and possible children
Since early 70s, economy has changed
Primary sector total employment fell from 74% (1971) to 50% (1990)
Can make more money than in the formal sector
Financial turnover of the sex sector was estimated at between US$1.2 and 3.3 billion per year
Jakarta, the sex industry makes US$91 million per year.
Officially illegal (except for RNR)
Reliance on debt bondage and sex slavery
Lack of opportunities for poor, rural workers
Spread of VD and HIV
Important part of domestic economy
Increasing need for cheaper labor leads women to seek out alternative revenue stream
Economic Development
Supply: Population and Education trends
Demand: Income, Social Norms, Government Policy
Economic development is both extremely sought-after and mysterious.

Using sex for economic development is cyclical.
A Comparative Case Study Between Thailand and Indonesia
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