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Digital Marketing Presentation

Discussion of digital marketing in context.

Kelsie Inglis

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Presentation

Digital Marketing What is digital marketing? Online Mobile Radio Television E-Media Messaging
Mobile Internet
Mobile Applications
Application Advertising Video, audio and content delivered via electronic devices
Digital Billboards Radio Advertising
Podcasts TV Advertising
Product Placement Web optimisation
Search engine marketing
Social media optimisation
Online Display Advertising
Email Marketing
QR Codes Social Media Marketing Social Media Mania! Badoo
Google Reader
Live Journal Mixi
YouTube Top Twitter Tips Length - keep your tweets to 120-130 characters long
Location – place your link 25% of the way into your tweet
Language – include the words via, @, RT, please and check
Language – use more adverbs and verbs
Time - tweet on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during the afternoon Google+ Tips from Cadbury 1. Listen - is there a healthy discussion for your brand t0 be a part of? If not, are you prepared to start one?
2. Know the Community - different platforms have different users. Therefore posts and content need to match the audience
3. Be Visual - whilst text only posts can gain traction in other forums, Google+ is predominantly picture and visual focused.
4. Use the unique functionality - tailor the functions such as "Circles" to bring a unique spin to your page!
5. Measure - use the in-built measurement tools to your advantage! 5 Social Media
Marketing Tips 1. Access
2. Engage
3. Customise
4. Connect
5. Collaborate Reach How well do you rank organically on keywords across major search engines?
Do you have presence on all social media relevant to your consumer and organisation? Architecture How accessible is your website?
How are graphic elements used?
How effectively is information presented and consumed?
How effective is your site navigation?
Are your social media channels optimised? Content Do you have a content strategy in place?
Is there a mechanism to measure what’s working and what isn’t?
How strong are your content assets?
What formats are you using? Text? Video? Photos? Audio? Apps? Conversion Are your digital channels designed with a conversion funnel in mind?
What is your rate of conversation per visitor?
Do you have clear calls to action in your social media channels? Integration Are social media channels accessible from your website?
Are you linking back to your website from social media channels?
Are you cross linking from one social media channel to another?
Do your offline activities connect back to digital channels i.e. print ads, trade shows Measurement Do you have objectives in place for awareness, influence, engagement and action?
What metrics are you using to gauge performance?
Do you have reporting protocols in place?
What is the frequency of measurement and reporting?
Are there feedback loops in place?
Are reports analyzed and acted upon? Measure, Measure, Measure! DON'T FORGET TO MEASURE:
Competitors activity
What are the top exit pages?
What isn't being looked at?
Audiences favourite media?
Number of post vs views
Traffic on each media
Leads converted into customers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Google's Webmaster Tools are your best friend!
They help to:
- Identify different search queries
- Identify number of links to your site
- Identifying crawl error numbers
- Ensuring keywords are optimised
- Controlling your sitemap
Top 3 Priorities for beginners
1. Site Crawl Errors
2. Sitemap Submissions
3. Influencing Sitelinks Facebook Measurements Who uses what? Facebook, Youtube & Wikipedia are 3 of the most popular social media sites.
They are visited by 3/4 global consumers who go online. Facebook Just under 60% of all users are women
The largest user age bracket is 45-54 Facebook Games 55% of social gamers in the USA are women
Average gaming age in the USA is 48
Compared to:
60% of social gamers in the UK are women
Average gaming age in the UK is 38 *Only 6% of social gamers are 21 YouTube Users vs Visitors Users
Women in the 20-35 age bracket have uploaded over 50% of the content
Men visit YouTube 20% more than women.
Most visitors are between 12-17. Pinterest Largest user demographic is women between 25-44. 3 Categories
Boomers + Boomerangs
Babies + Bliss
Families Matter Most Where is it being used? Mixi Yelp-LinkedIn-MySpace-Reddit YouTube LinkedIn QQ-Kaixin001-RenRen Facebook Facebook Facebook Badoo Tuenti Skyrock Bebo Habbo NK Twitter MySpace Tumblr Wayn Flixster 4Square Bebo 4Square Twitter The largest age bracket is 35-44
Women account for over 50% of the users How it's used in the real world
aka "the fun part" Facebook Grabaseat Facebook promotions.
Offered 50% off flights for Facebook friends to get them to 50,000 likes. Kony 2012 Bing
Bing advertised within Farmville gaining 400,000 new followers on Facebook in one day by offering virtual cash. Air China Check-in Cadbury Celebrating 1 million "likes" Coca Cola Integration YouTube T-Mobile Flashmob Campaign Blendtec accidental winner! Future of Glass Matt's Bad Dancing Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra Intel Ultrabook Theatre Twitter Mercedes Tweet Fleet QR Codes Diesal Jeans Net-a-porter Window Shopping Scandinavian Airlines Extra Fun Volkswagen's Fun Theory Twisted Metal STA Move, Eat, Learn Domino's Think Oven The Dark Side misinterpreted
no sense of humour
lack of information control
Complete Transparency
Easy to get dragged into negative conversation Best way to handle it Try to stay out of negative conversation until completely necessary. If you decide you have to respond:
Be respectful
Take the issue seriously
Say something meaningful, don't dance around the issue
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