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Assessing Grammar and Vocabulary

No description

Sebastian Buchholz

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Assessing Grammar and Vocabulary

Assessing Grammar Vocabulary & Malinka Mirco Sebastian Why? What? How? “Knowledge of grammar is at the center of language use” Form-focused Assessment Combination of form-focused assessment
and meaning -focused assessment!! Teach the way you test
and test the way you teach! 1. Grammatical form 2. Grammatical meaning 3. Pragmatic meaning T s k Take a look at your task:
What component does the task assess?
What feedback do you get as a teacher?
Would you use it in your lessons? Why/why not? 1. Selected Response 2. Limited Production 3. Extended Production H W W T H Multiple choice Discrimination Tasks Noticing Tasks easy to score easy to create difficult to create can promote guessing sometimes not
authentic language Is meant to measure the knowledge of grammatical form and/or meaning
Responses are scored dichotomously (0 or 1) Selected Response Limited
Production Gap-filling Short-answer Dialogue completion Information Gap Task Simulation Task Categories Tokens & Types Function- and content
words Larger
lexical items Definition of vocabulary ability 1. Context 2. Fundamental processes 3. Metacognitive strategies Considerations in designing 1. Clarify your purpose 2. Define your construct 3. Select your target words 4. Determine mode of performance ? ? ? ? Task types Productive
Vocabulary Receptive
Vocabulary High-frequency words Decision-making Tasks Sentence deletion cloze Sentence completion Creation Task •Input is language (or nonlanguage) information
•Test-takers response represents only a limited amount of language production
•Scoring can be either dichotomous, partial credit, holistically or analytically •Input usually as a prompt
•More creative: likely to elicit
authentic language use
•Responses usually open-ended
• Scoring: rating scales Design your own grammar or vocabulary task. --> Choose a grade, topic, purpose, a task type and think about how you can assess your task
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