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The Na'vi World View

No description

Shamus Bakowski

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of The Na'vi World View

The Na'vi
World View
The Na'vi World View
I as a Na'vi say no to humans coming to Pandora only "specific" people are allowed in. Our home got destroyed and everyone was really heartbroken.
Should humans have gone to Pandora?
No more wars against humans

No one trying to destroy the world anymore.

The "SPECIFIC" people could turn on the whole entire population and gather up more people to turn also.

The humans could come back and obliterate everything that means alot to the Na'vi which would be really not a nice thing to do.
The beautiful Planet Pandora
I Shamus of the Na'vi live my life by linking with nature and interact with it. I gather all the people of Pandora to the tree of life and have reunions and we like to hunt when we need to. We do this to make sure everybody is satisfied and are safe it keeps me motivated to protect my people and make sure their happy.
Humans on Pandora is an alright idea but i as a Na'vi cant really trust Humans. Unless their Na'vi and have been chosen by the tree of life and can be trusted by the people of Pandora.
The "Specific" People
Chosen by the seeds of the tree of life. And if Alot of them landed on the "specific" Person they were allowed into the Na'vi family.
Some of the Planet Pandora Animals
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