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No description

Staff Grupo

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of The_New_SEAT_Tarraco_V2_ENG

Save the

Hospitality Desk
& Landyard
Behind the new SEAT TARRACO ... there is a story.
And a concept.

Story speaks to us of overcoming, of breaking barriers, of
personal expansion.
It’s a story of
new challenges and dare
. Of
of daring to
live new and exciting experiences
beyond the established conventionalisms.
Try it ... and keep trying. Without fear of mistakes. Without ceasing to believe.
Reach beyond. And even more.

Be more, to be better. And be better, to be yourself.

The reasons should not be looked for far away. They are inside of us and evolve at the same pace as our

It's a story of
. The fortune of human beings who enjoy new opportunities that the world offer to us. By all the worlds.
Wherever they are.

And it’s also the story of several passionate reunions.

The past with the future.
The asphalt with the moss.
The steel with the wood.
The industrial with the warm.
The light with shadows.

A reunion between the
most urban
of the city, with the most a
ncestral human nature.

Pure fusion of strength and feeling, beauty and functionality.
Of soul and technology.

In this environment, how will not arise the

Of course it will arise.
And it will shine with its own light.


to Seat as a premium brand within the SUV segment.

an experiential event that generates viral contents.

a consistent communication aligned to the product and the language of the journalists.


The Seat Tarraco pre-launch for national and international media.

Give Away
Zona Chill Out
Smoke Area
Set Up.
Box TV.

Set Up.
Round Table.
by SEAT.
by SEAT.
Group 1.
Production &
by SEAT.
Group 2.
Coordination Hostesses
Cleanning Venues
Medical Services.
But the story is also fluctuation, movement, circulation, vibration...

And that is why we will base in the
the main strategy for our special launch. If the new Seat Tarraco is the
maximum expression of the movement ... we had to make it real.

Or better yet: surpassing reality itself. Generating a habitat, an atmosphere where our SUV moves like a fish in the water.

Full immersion
of all the guests in a universe of alternative realities. Textured sensations between the reticulated and the cozy and warm curved organic lines. An ideal setting, casual and accessible, full of
physical experiences,
where the form pursues the function.

Everything moves. Everything advances
. And it does it in the directions that marks the new leader of the range.

In all.
No matter distances ... nor lands.

Our story is, based on the new
SEAT Tarraco, emerging from the most confidential darkness to appear onto the world.
Knowing that is the owner of this space, in this time.

Absolute protagonist of an
eternal moment
that everyone would
love to enjoy.

In every story, at all times, there is a place. That's where everything happens. These which has a
name of the past...
but these which
breathes future
through its pores.

Never ever, a product and a stage shared before as much as they did. Never before has such perfect symbiosis been lived.

From the inside, we will live this special
this exciting meeting. Turning the presentation event into a unique and extraordinary event, where journalists from all over the planet will
them with a SUV destined
to make history.

We talk about the new SEAT TARRACO ... at TARRACO ARENA.

...And also, a
powerful concept. Implicit in the brand.
Visible in the conception of the new model. True to his philosophy. And to the communication axis.

It is time to enhance the
by taking advantage of the
creative strategy
that the brand is designed to make it known to the general public.

The concept assigned to the brand leads us towards the acceptance of a certain
, based on personal expansion, daring, the ability to continue finding new reasons to feel alive,
at the age of 40.

The acceptance of an urban code ... also open to
off road experiences.

Our first image option visually reflects that code:
open space, urban horizon, reticular expressions
in combination with curved organic lines and orange detail that bring warmth. Sky, clouds, sunset, cement, metal, water, light, shadows ... and life. A lot of life The one that suggests an independent woman who practices running and who seems to control her
own future.

On this image, generated for the messages associated with the event (Save the date, invitation, forms, hospitality, ...), the message
it shines with its own light, preparing us for a historical reveal that will mark a before and after in the

As a second image option, we delimit the space in an
urban environment
where natural light advances to illuminate the scene.

We take advantage of the concrete walls filling them with
On the one hand, the suggestive reflection of our vehicle, a time of waiting and realizing in its
natural habitat.
On the other hand, that language or urban code represented in an
industrial design
arrows painted in orange.

Media production (pictures, online media, videos, displays, etc.)

Visual content in social media.

Technical support presentationsKey Note.

Live streamin the different channels to ensure greater reach.

After the presentation of Seat Tarraco, the guests will receive a
technological gift
in a corporate packaging.

& coordination
Signals for Hostesses & Drivers.
Customization and coordination of transfers.
Concept in
the dynamics
of the event.
Something big is happening inside the
Tarraco Arena Plaza.

It reveals the unusual animation that takes place outside.
Around all the singular construction
, the
and the
go dressing of event their
, more and more evident the more the afternoon advances.

We generate expectation and emotion.

A corridor of
flanks the main street that borders the Tarraco Arena.


Welcome Drink
Persecuted by the
ambient lights
, we went out to the big square to receive a
welcome drink
and discover an
audiovisual universe full of suggestions and graphic nuances that reflect the personality and values of the brand.

physical experience
through body elements (such as billboards, grids, industrial decoration) and a suggestive furniture that evokes a whole
as it is clear from the
facilitated by the brand. Authentic islands of design and well-being.

* Interior signage located in the supports of Tarraco Arena. This will have textures and colors according to the graphic colors of the Seat Tarraco.

The initial speech begins.

It was time to listen to the representatives of the brand, to know the main arguments that make the
one of its best SUV creations. With audiovisual support on screens for the exhibition of
keynote slides
demonstration videos
, with special emphasis on its design and its
multiple functionalities.

With the help of classic
, (and a proposal of large auxiliary screens located on the fronts of the two lateral steps), the speech reaches its peak. The feeling that everything can happen is real and intense.

The reveal begins.

Give Away
Give Away Residual Value Event & Spain Dealer Event.

Key locator by GPS. The maximum distance that can locate any object, are 25 meters through the App "Searching.

Dimensions: 3.5x2.5x0.5 cm

Set Up.
Box Streaming.

AV Content
Transfers & drivers.

Reveal Show.
Reveal Begins.

Behind the screens, the virtuous violinist
Miguel Lara
appears on the stage, with the saxophonist 
Fracis Sax
and the live coverage of Dj 
Juan Morales.
As a background, the chords of an epic, spectacular tune.
The light show begins.
A low fog covers the stage. We will attend an audiovisual story that leads us to a sublimate movement, light and urban space habitat where our product is handled like nobody else. The crescendo supports us.
We start from
the city as an initial concept.
Everything starts from there. The values ​​of technology, synchrony, aesthetics and modernity are revealed. Blue tones, digital dynamics and connectivity. Fusion of textures: steel, glass, wood, asphalt ... And among the nuances, nature reclaims its space in the city to attract our peek outside. We escape outside the city. Towards the mountain. The clouds now mark the
dynamics of movement.
Nature conjures up to create a very special environment of textures. Natural elements, atavistic, primal...water, stone, sand, snow, mud ... the sun among the trees. Clouds, lightning, torrents, wind ... associated with roads, roads, off road trails. We are about to immerse ourselves in a reveal full of emotion, live and direct.

Set Up TV.
One to One
During the product presentation, guests will enjoy the same Reveal Show as in the
World Premier.
During the product presentation, guests will enjoy the same Reveal Show as in the
World Premier.
Give Away World Premier.

UV400 sunglasses with camera included resolution 5.0MP 1280 x 720 pixels suitable for recording videos and taking photos. Micro SD memory card not included. Remote control and Li-on rechargeable battery 370mAh included.

: 17.5x9x8 CM

In this space will be positioned the
life-streaming system
and the moderator for the retransmission. As the TV Media station, its location will Guarantee a
perfect angle of vision
of everything that happens on the stage.

In addition, during the presentation, we will install the
system inside the vehicles in order to carry out a streaming. This will show the driver's experience with the news of the car.

Area enabled to install the Box for television stations (16). It will be strategically positioned in the upper area of the stand in order to the media can have a
perfect shooting angle.

It will be located in one of the vaulted rooms, the closest room to the central "track" (Reveal of the cars) but perfectly isolated and conditioned to carry out the
"one to one"
interviews there.

A corporate set, with design furniture and equipped with
LED lighting for broadcasting.

They will be held simultaneously in three of the vaulted rooms of the enclosure. These rooms will be perfectly air conditioned and ready to celebrate the
Roundtables with the Board of Directors.

Location map
*Give Away bag.
* Give Away bag.

Reveal Show.
It's time to celebrate the meeting. To become part of its proposal.

Under the compass of the theme
"TRY", Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen,
press and guests, applaud and go down to the track to see the vehicles closer and photograph them. A moment to compare, to comment, to enjoy an approach to the new Seat's First Large SUV.


* Parking vip
The city is our home. He speaks to us. He communicates with us. And also the natural spaces. Off road environments and their characteristic sounds. We are in
Tarraco territory.

In the midst of the brief wait, sounds give way to music. A very determined style, with an overwhelming personality.
Future Jazz.
The one that SEAT has chosen as the soundtrack of its most recent creation. Music in the style of
Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen
play by recognized
DJ Juan Morales,
the innovative violin of international
Miguel Lara
who is playing the best hit around the world with the best djs as Calvin Harris and Also Also, Miguel has worked in big companies. And the incomparable saxophone of
Francis Sax
old member of the group component of Nacha Pop.

Under its warm compasses, the maximum expression of movement
begins to reveal


Reveal Show.
two other vehicles
emerge from the left and right of the Tarraco Arena, emerging from the doors, in a final crescendo full of
passion, light and color.
Creating a movement, straight lines, fleeting effects of technology, with lights that sweep the scene as if it were traffic and all with a
5.1 surround sound to generate the best experience.
Seat Tarraco is c
aptivated by the habitat.
We do not forget the underlying idea that gives meaning to everything.
Emotional ingredients created in Barcelona...
in perfect symbiosis with rational arguments that tell us about quality,
technology and functionality from Germany. Pure emotional intelligence.


Dinner Show.
On the stage, around the exhibition area properly lit, terraces and bars with an ad hoc decoration (wood, neon details, ...) where have a
special cocktail designed adhoc for this event and share the 5 senses full of sensations.
To facilitate the coordination of the dinner, all the space will be ready to delight with a distinguished and unique catering, designed exclusively for this launch. A style, sophisticated and elegant.
Creativity, fusion and quality.
A cool music, in a tone nice enough to allow, to optimally perform press interviews on TV sets close to the arena.

At the end and in the open bar we will keep our Djy interspersing live suggestive friendly music themes combining current issues with the violin and the saxophone, generating an
atmosphere of empathy
and celebration, modern and close to the environment and between own guests. Subjects that invite to keep in the memory the sensations lived, in a unique moment offered by the new Seat Tarraco.

Seat is establishing itself as a
young brand
with a design and
innovative spirit.
In order to transmit these values, it has established a
consistent communication strategy
with a message aligned to the product, positioning and adapting it to the language of journalists.

In order to obtain a

media launch,
it will take place different events and actions in 2018:
Exclusive Camouflage Drive, World Premier for Journalist, Residual Value Event, Spain Dealer Event and the Int. Dynamic Press Presentation.

that will take place in the city of
September 18 to 20
, is the first product approach to the international press through a
unique experience.

In order to create exclusivity, we will place a corporate hospitality in each one of the hotels and also in the venue, to welcome the guests to the
World Premier.

Here the
will be delivered.

For the
Seat Residual Event
Spain Dealer Event
, the
will be located in the Tarraco Arena.

Once the guests enter to the Tarraco Arena, they will find a
Welcome Pack
in their seats:

Welcome letter
Moleskine and pen
Event agenda
Product characteristics
Information of locations, restaurants ...
Emergency telephone numbers
* In Seat Residual Event and Seat Spain Dealer Event, only the
and the
will be delivered.

During the product presentation, guests will enjoy the same Reveal Show as in the
World Premier.
* Hospitality of the location later
Concept in
the dynamics
of the event.
At the corporate access gate, journalists and guests arrive. They cross a corridor with
enveloping and cozy lighting.

On their
graphic and urban architecture resources.
Further on, the SEAT brand stands out, the name of the vehicle and its associated phrase
, This time in response to:
Perfect for the entrance to an event that will change our perceptions.

On the right, we also maintain suggestive textures in urban code.
We move forward


With the clear objective of avoiding empty spaces,
Tarraco Arena b
leachers have been converted into a spectacular
screen based on stretched displays and flat led screens and curves that cover the three different structures conceived for Support your own bleachers for guests,
journalists and TV and streaming cameras.
Screens that are located in front, delimiting the Welcome Drink area as we will see in advance.

Both the proposed projections and the special layout of canvases and screens, allow to show with audiovisuals that innovative and creative mentality of
. Glimpses of the urban cultures that mark the trend around the world... with special prominence of the
Barcelonas architecture. Epicenter of creation and the deepest emotions.

Allegories, visual parables, urban suggestions. Architecture and design are mixed with the Tech. And background, a
5.1 surround sound.
Reproducing effects, echoes, resonances, whispers (motivational phrases "
" "
Don't Stop
", "
Expand Your Life
", "


Reveal Show.
The harrow turns to the left. Something is going to happen.

A crescendo of music gives us the signal to start up screens, revealing a long ramp with different degrees of inclination, textured as dirt road,
. The
first Tarraco
lights his lights and is intrinsic in the scene, begins its slow descent supported with audiovisual scenery of nature as if it came out of it.

demonstration of grip and strength
supported by audiovisual content that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The vehicle reaches the arena and is positioned in front of the public.

We find one of the different
Set Ups
formed by corporeal
Ads Signs
, with
neon lighting
, which reproduce some of the phrases associated with the advertising campaign of the SEAT Tarraco.

brick textures.
Beside it, a metal grid in orange tones, bringing
to the scene. A visually aesthetic and attractive set.

And sublimate its powerful meaning in the most significant moments of the presentation.

Story, attraction, desire, passionate encounters, experiential sensations .
.. The creation of a whole habitat for SEAT and for its best creation: the
new SEAT TARRACO. ... and above all, MOVEMENT.

It's time to bring all the concepts down to earth ... and
raise expectations
to the highest level. Generating a
unique event,
great idea.
in every way.

Able to generate the
and the memory that our brand and our product deserve.


Slowly, the large
cylindrical LED
screens that cover the two lateral platforms begin to rise. This way we will discover them before all. It is about the stands that will be occupied by the
TV cameras
and technicians that will cover the event. Also through
Streaming broadcast.
Perfectly located, to have a connection and
perfect shots of cameras
both for its retransmission and for its collection of images.

At the same time, the gigantic central tier, with 440 seats, begins to
turn towards us with lighting support.
An unexpected Wow effect that manages to surprise and excite the attendees. Movement... dynamism... disruption.
All in Tarraco Arena is expectant at such launch.

Little by little, the stands are fully occupied with the support of our hostesses. The
immersion is total.
The main grandstand turns again to position itself towards the front ... while the entire
Tarraco Arena is activated.

A whole
universe is discovered before those attendants. More than 140 lineal meters of projection and more 45 meters of 12% curved led screen, cover all the space around us. The
sensations shoot between forms, colors and music.


Reveal Show.
A new crescendo, with live support from the musicians. The stand turns again to the right and other LED screens come up, combining with projections on the canvas from the back.
The city is revealed
us and also that
lifestyle, urban, sophisticated, that expands our options.
One last screen rises and
our second car appears.
The city ligth illuminates its progress through a new ramp that reproduces an asphalt road. Our Suv responds to the challenge of being equally reliable in all areas. In all the grounds.
The reveal continues to the rhythm of some compass full of strength and emotion. A large sliding door reveals the
third Seat Tarraco,
emerging between controlled low smoke and lights to position itself right in the center, flanked by the first two cars.

Just in front, we will establish a large
staffed by hostesses who will record on their
, by scanning method, all those attending as they enter, facilitating quick and comfortable access.
The lanyards will have textures and colors according to the graphic colors of the Seat Tarraco (Warn Gray 6, Warn Gray 2, and patone 5575).
* Camara shot perfect for a 270º image, located at the same height as the scenarios at 1,70m
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