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Medieval Europe Grapes

No description

Bertin Jimenez

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Medieval Europe Grapes

Medieval Europe Grapes
By Bertin Jimenez and Arturo Renteria
Geography 2
Europe's geography is very diverse, it consisted of plains, mountains, and forests.
Early medieval Religion
In early medieval Europe Christianity spread through the help of missionaries and monks. Missionaries who traveled far distances gained a title known as saints
Europe had very diverse geography
it had Mountains,
it also had plains,
snowy climates like Scandinavia .
Medieval Europe made many achievements, many of them shaped Europe to what it is today.

Medieval Achievements
The most important advances in Medieval Europe were
Parliament, the set of Judges that what were chosen by the king, but later where chosen by others.
Magna Carta, the document that restricted the kings power.
Later medieval religion
In later medieval Europe popes gained spiritual power. People saw the pope as God's representative. They had church officials known as clergy. They had a large church known as the cathedral
Early Medieval Politics
In early medieval Europe the feudalism system started. This system was self sufficient meaning that they made things by themselves. After this the manor system started. A manor is a large estate owned by a knight or lord.

Early Europe Social Structure
The social structure of early medieval Europe had kings and queens , nobles, knights and peasants.
The economy in medieval Europe differed for each person, and they also had taxes for the kingdom, or manor. People in Europe also trades excess crops, trade started mainly after the feudal.
Later Medieval Politics
Knights where usually paid with fiefs, while peasants were paid with amounts of rice or other crops. Trade in Europe started to grow more after the black death because manors where not self sufficient any more.
In later medieval Europe popes and kings they had the most power. Then their was four crusades. These crusades lasted for one hundred years. Muslims and christians fought each other. After the crusades past the black death started.
Later Medieval Social Structure
The later medieval Europe social structure consisted of Popes, Kings, crusaders , and peasants.
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