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lesson about guns

Ryan Moroz

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of Guns!

guns! Schedule - Basic gun vocabulary
- US gun laws
- Myths about guns
- Your opinion Vocabulary Myths about guns *myth = something not true
that many people believe myth 1: Silencers Real silencer myth: The gun is very quiet Machine guns myth 2: Movie Real silenced shotgun myth: Unlimited ammo
and killing M4 Carbine Real M4 AK-47 Real AK Holds 30 bullets
Fires 700 bullets / minute myth 3: Bulletproof Vests Bullets explode everything myth 4: Movie: he lives! truth: Bullets don't make
things explode easily movie myth: Bullets can't get through
thin things: car doors, etc. truth: The best body armor is
very heavy and only
works well at 14+ meters. shotgun handgun bullet rifle ammunition / ammo US Gun Laws - 18+ to own rifle
- 21+ to own handgun
- must pass background check
- some guns need special permits your opinion: Do you think it should
be possible for anyone
to own a gun in Korea?
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