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I want a Puncake!

Kyle Blank

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda


What is Propaganda?
A Campaign designed to be Misleading to influence people to promote specific world/political view. Propaganda is used to help criticize another political view to help promote the other view.
How Does Propaganda
Examples of Real World Propaganda
ASEAN Propaganda
Topic 5
Topic 6
Topic 7
Propaganda is mostly Spread VIA Common Media Systems (TV, Radio, Posters and ETC). Posters and what-not are normally placed in crowded places to give maximum efficiency
The Anti-Communism Campaign
Created by the/ Started by:
General Alexander Mitchell Palmer
It is intended to be shown to
everyone in an attempt to end

The Message of the campaign was that
communists are evil and wrong people.
More specifically it was calling the US's enemies evil who they refer to as communists. A lot of the time however they refer to communists
In my opinion
I believe the campaign
was effective as even
nowadays people show hatred
toward communist countries, but failed
its purpose to eradicate communism
Production Propaganda
Created for:
Workers of the US

Created by the US Government
The message was to work as hard as possible to increase production rates
to help the troops in the front line
Was the Propaganda Effective?
It was effective as the posters emphasized
the need to help the war effort, a lot of people
moved to factory towns, and factory workers
took shorter breaks and longer work hours
Anti - US Propaganda
Created by Vietnam Leaders
in the War of Vietnam
Intended for the US Soldiers
participating in the war
The message was very clear,
it is for the US Soldiers to leave Vietnam, and leave the country in peace
The Propaganda was ineffective as the US
continued the war until they were given orders to
return after the defeat
Philippine's Propaganda
The Philippines Government
Intended for Philippine's Citizens

The message is that Filipino's must always fight for freedom and are strong nationalists

The Propaganda is effective as even today, we can all agree the Philippines is a very patriotic nation
Brunei Burger
By "~Ozhani"
Intended for anyone in Brunei

The message was "Buy my burger because I have a promotion on buy 1 get 1 free"

The Propaganda was effective because, who wouldn't want to buy 1 get 1 free promotion offer on Burgers!?
Hun Sens Eye Propaganda
Created by Hun Sens Eye
Intended for the Citizens of Columbia

The Message was that Hun Sens Eye (CPP) will
always remain in power

The Propaganda was effective as Hun Sen Eye is still the current leader of Cambodia

Military Enlistment Propaganda

Created by the Singaporean Army
Intended for the citizens of Singapore

The message was that Singaporean Citizens who are fit for service to join the army and help defend Singapore
It was effective as a lot of Singaporeans enlisted into the army
Passion & Idea for Indonesia
Indonesian Deviant Artist
Intended for Creative Indonesians who would like
to show their passion & Ideas with everyone.

The message was to Fuel Your Passion and give your ideas to Indonesia (Rough Translation)

I don't really believe it was effective as it was only shown on a website.

Myanmar Propaganda
People's Desire
Created by Myanmar's Government
Intended for Myanmar's Citizens

Message was that if you follow these rules
Myanmar will become a better place

It was effective as the country doesn't allow foreign
power interfere with state problems.
Malaysian Propaganda
Created by Singaporean Citizens

Intended for other citizens of Malaysia

The message was that "We are all Children of Malaysia" Technically telling Malaysians to be patriotic

This propaganda was considered ineffective as it did not have a main purpose, other than to make Malaysians Patriotic, which they are, so it would be considered somewhat effective.
Thailand's Anti-Communist Propaganda

Created by Thailand's Government
Intended for Thailand's Citizens

Message was that "Would you rather
get communism then get freedom?" Which
was Anti-Communistic in Nature.

Was it effective? It was as all of Thailand prefer
to have freedom and opposed communists
Laos Propaganda
Communism Propaganda
Created by the Government
(Communist Party)
Intended for citizens of Laos

The message (Hopefully) is that
Communisms is the correct method
of government

It was effective as very little opposition to
the communist government was shown in Laos
War Propaganda
Made by the US Army
Intended for Soldiers of the US

The message was "If we keep fighting back we will win"

The message was effective as the US continued to fight back until victory was achieved
The End
Thanks for Watching I guess

Find any easter eggs?
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