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No description

Iryna Koval

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of X+L FINAL RACE!!!

Final Race!!! II. Promote LEADERSHIP for Your RETURNEES 1) Go on Leadership
after Exchange
2) Go on Exchange
after Leadership

1)  Bring the new business perspectives to the home LC
2)  Returnee can use their network, contacts and experience to provide more life-changing experiences for other people
3)  Completes the learning experience of the Returnee
1)   Develop further your competencies
2)   Be a true role-model for other members
3)   Move out of your comfort zone and explore different culture
4)   Practice the skills and knowledge you have gained from your Leadership role

Main messages to transmit 1. Drive X+L in Your LC! IV. Promote EXCHANGE for Your LEADERS III. Allign Your Structures & Procesess to Make sure it supports L after X Put re-turnees as Team leaders of sales teams (in autumn) exactly in the sector they had internship in
Provide online education for your EPs on exchange “ preparation for the leadership role”, “online OCP classes” so when they are back they are prepared and already assigned. This education can be even delivered by your leaders on X: so they can still contribute and prepare the next generation
Create virtual communities of these people, so they are connected.
Organize online competition for EPs from your on X: like best stories, or pictures etc, so they stay connected.

Research the JDs that your EPs have on internship and give them the opportunity to take the LR role based on the same JD (like Level up, now you can be a team leader)
Give DT projects to re-turnees, they have been on the same internship
Build professional development plan in AIESEC with each EP before sending them on X (or online, while they are on internship) with the objective to take a LR role in AIESEC
Give induction teams (after autumn recruitment) to re-turnees as team leaders
Re-turnees as OCPs of National or Local conferences
“Touch India” type of external even (promotion of a certain country for students and companies) – OCP can be a re-turnee from India.(the example is applicable to any country)
Organize re-integration event for all EPs: bringing it back.
Also: V. Allign Your Structures & Procesess to Make sure it supports X after L Implement different Pricing Model for your Leaders
Align your LC Reward & Recognition system to support X after L strategy
Provide free Exchange for LCPs..
Involve returnees & interns to create excitement around X in LC

Team-leaders go for short-term traineeship during their term (During holiday time)
Elected EBs to go on short internship during their transition/pre-term period
Also VI. Participate in X+L Love-story
campaign! & very-very IMPORTAT! Check all people with leadership XP during your term: if they’ve been assigned in the system – make them GO on X! If not – raise them on Leadership role ASAP!

So by the end of April ALL OF THEM will be with Leadership role assignments in myaiesec.net.

You have only 5 DAYS if you want this to be caunted in your term! VII. Manage people in the system!!!
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