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Beleifs About Suffering And Life After Death..According To Judaism.

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Alexis Cortez

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Beleifs About Suffering And Life After Death..According To Judaism.

Beleifs About Suffering And Life After Death.. According To Judaism I will be talking about Sarah Winston who commited suicide.I will tell two stories depending on her choices in life. Sarah lived in Israel, and her religion was judaism. she was 28 years old when she commited suicide. Sarah worked as a lawyer and helped people when they needed the help.When she didn't work she would go and party with her rich friends. One day Sarah got out of work and went to go to a party with her rich friends. She began drinking alcohol and gossiping about her friend. Story 1:
Bad deeds Ater the party, Sarah felt she had sinned because she mistreated her body with alcohol and she gossiped about one of her best friends. She needed to ask for forgiveness on the holiday Yom Kippur, "The Day of Atonement." She went to her synogogue to ask for forgiveness. "God please fogive me for the sins I have done by drinking alcohol and gossiping about my friend." Sarah said to god. "I will forgive you for the alcohol, but I cannot forgive you for what you have done to your friend. You will need to ask her for her forgiveness, and she will then decide if she wants to forgive you." God had told Sarah. In order for Sarah to be forgiven, she had to ask her friend to forgive her. But if her friend didn't forgive her sarah could ask two more times to be forgaven.And if she still isn't forgaven, god could forgive her if she is truly sorry. Story 2:
Good Deeds Sarah then asked god about the holocaust and why he let something like that happen if he was supposed to protect us. Then she said she didn't blame him for that, she blamed humanity,and god was happy with her. After she finished talking with her, she decided to go with her friend and ask for forgiveness. But she couldn't find her! She looked everywhere for her until she finally found her at a park walking. "Maria, I want to ask you something. Something that is coming from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me about the other night at the party. I was drinking alcohol and I was disrespecting my body by doing that. Then I started talking about you behind your back.And i'm sorry.Please forgive me?" "It's alright. I forgive you.Just because you came and asked for forgiveness. Now promise me you won't direspect yourself like that anymore and won't talk about anybody else behind their backs." "I promise" Sarah said happy. Then her and her friend lived happily ever after. They both found the perfect man, and never sinned amongst themselves. The End! :)
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