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Jacques Cartier

No description

Mackenzie Wehnan

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier

4. Where did Jacques Cartier live? As we all know Jacques Cartier was an explorer so he didn't live in one place for a long period of time. He first lived in France which is where he was born. He also lived in... Stadacona (Halifax), St. Lawrence River, Hochelaga (Montreal Island). He also lived in plenty of other places, but these are just a couple of the main ones. Jacques Cartier
By: Mackenzie 1. Where did Jacques Cartier explore? He explored the St. Lawrence River trying to find a route to Asia. He also traveled through Newfoundland in present day Canada. As well he was the first explorer in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 3. When did Jacques Cartier pass? He was exactly 65 years old, 8 months, and 1 day, on September 1, 1557. He died in St. Malo, Brittany, France. As you know, that is also where he was born. 5. What did Jacques Cartier discover on his journey. Jacques Cartier had 3 voyages. On his first voyage he had heard about islands and lands that had gold and precious things to be found. He also was one of the first explorers to find Canada. On his second and third voyages there wasn't too much information on what he found. 7. What years did Jacques Cartier do all of his voyages? On his first voyage it only took 20 days and it was in the year of 1534. On his second voyage it was between the years of 1535-1536. On his third voyage it was between the years of 1541-1542. 6. How long did it take Jacques Cartier to finish all of his voyages? 2. When and where was Jacques Cartier born? He was born in St. Malo, on the port on the north-west coast of Brittany, France on December 31, 1491. His parents are James Cartier and Gesseline Jansart. Jacques Cartier also had siblings. His name is still very famous today in the town, Brittany. His first voyage it took 20 days. On his second voyage, on May 19, it took about a year. In the following year from the first voyage, it took 3 ships, 110 men, and two natives. It was also the first time Cartier sailed up river. On his third voyage, it also took about a year just like the second voyage. Jacques Cartier departed St. Malo with five ships.
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