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Taking Responsible Risks

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Taking Responsible Risks

Taking responsible risks is doing things that you may not have ever tried before. It is conducted in a safe environment and is safe. -Sam

Taking Responsible Risks is a taking a risk in a safe environment. -Mitch

Taking Responsible Risks is taking risks but not irresponsible risks that may hurt you. -Mitchell

Takings responsible risks is trying new things. Stepping out of you comfort zones. -Ella

What is taking Responsible Risks?
Taking Responsible Risks at School!!
Taking a Responsible Risk is about having the courage to do something that you haven't attempted before. Sometimes you may not be successful and sometimes you might have to put other people at risk as well as yourself to complete your goal.
HOM - Taking Responsible Risks
The symbol for taking responsible risks.
If no one took risks...
If no one was to take risks the world would be a boring place. Without taking risks in life you can never go further or go into the future.

Reaching for the stars. Believing you can do. Always trying to do it even if it means stepping away from what you are comfortable doing.
Sam, Ella, Mitch, Mitchell
Taking Responsible Risks
Some students seem reluctant to take risks. Some students hold back games, new learning, and new friendships because their fear of failure is far greater than their experience of venture or adventure.
Trying new things at school is important to stretch your abilities and get the best education possible.
a little mouse believing that he can do whatever he believes in.
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