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Growing Our Listening Skills

No description

Robyn Madson

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Growing Our Listening Skills

More Listening Skills
* Ask questions!
Check out what you heard - this is especially important!

* Mirror what you are seeing
Give the same amount of seriousness and emotion that you are getting from the speaker.
Growing Our Listening Skills
Why Listen?
We listen for three main reasons:
Listening Process
Listening Strategies
* Get tuned in and avoid distractions!
Know what distracts you, then
actively avoid those things.
More Listening Strategies
* Read Non-Verbals!
Watch their facial expressions for emotion, pay attention to their voice, look for gestures and other cues.

* Know Your Own Effect on the Sender
Make sure you are giving them your attention and pay attention to your own non-verbal communication.
Foundations of Listening
What is listening? Accurate Receiving.

It differs from hearing, which is the physical ability of your ears to pick up sound waves.
To understand
To analyze
To provide support
Four Step Process
Sensing What
Was Said
Do I hear it?
Interpreting What Was Meant
Do I understand it?
Examining the
How does this
relate to me?
Respond Appropriately
What should I do now?
Barriers to Listening
External Distractions
Internal Distractions
Desire to talk
Conflicting Demands
* Prepare ahead of time!
Be well rested, make sure you have
necessary materials, get yourself
settled and physically prepared.
More Listening Skills
* Apply ideas to yourself.
"How does this apply to my
thoughts or ideas?"

* Hold Your Fire: Timing
Try to understand and time
your feedback carefully.
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