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Paleo Diet

Year 10 Health — Research Task

Jassica ♔

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet
By Jassica, An, Genesis & Tam
The Paleo Diet is basically a high protein and high fibre eating plan. It encourages dieters to replace dairy and grain products with fresh fruits and vegetables foods that are more nutritious than whole grains or dairy products. It is claimed to lose weight fast.
What food can you eat?
Would you encourage others to use this diet?
Does the diet promote or sell supplements?

The diet does not promote or sell supplements.
Eat a clean diet without additives, preservatives, or chemicals and burn off stored fat.
More iron through increased red meat intake.
Decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Metabolic Syndrome etc.
Lose weight primarily due to the limited food choices.
Improve sleeping pattern and balancing energy throughout the day.

Eating plan can be very pricey.
Consuming no dairy foods is not great for your bones.
If you take away foods and nutrients and don’t find suitable replacements, you can create a nutrient imbalance.
This diet can be really hard for vegetarians, especially since the diet excludes beans.
Food Restrictions (Athletes)
Pros and Cons of the Diet
How does the diet compare to the food pyramid?
Paleo Food Pyramid
Nutritional Adequacy
The diet contains high beneficial nutrients
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Omega 3

Daily Meal Plan
Does the diet promote exercise?
Although some sources on the Paleo Diet may include an exercise regulated system, the general scope of this diet does not include a specific exercise plan.
Grass-produced meats
Fresh fruits and veggies
Nuts and seeds
Healthy fats

Dairy Products
Starchy Tubers
Refined sugar
Fatty Meats
Salt Containing Foods
Dietary Restrictions
Unhealthy Fats

It diet lacks of dairy products and calcium.
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