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racial relations

No description

Karla Pineda

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of racial relations

This also proves that racism was a huge problem because Nick was amazed to see rich and stylish black people riding a well-know car. This indicates that whites viewed blacks as someone beneath them like they were nothing in society.
The 1920's were really tough for blacks. It was a time of racial hatred. Many whites joined the Ku Klux Klan organization, a party of White Southerners formed after the US Civil War to fight Black freedom and Northern power. The Klan threatened blacks and the members burned fiery crosses in front of the houses of black families and sometimes beat and killed the blacks.
When talking about racial relations, segregation was the biggest issue during this time period.
Fitzgerald created the saying, “the Jazz Age” in the year 1922 to describe the fight on segregation and equality in America after World War I. During this time period, racism was the biggest problem that was faced. Whites thought their race was better than all the other ones, this is because they learned it from their forefathers. For them it was a certainty not a Culture, or religion belief.
Racial Relation in The Great Gatsby
Racism exists today, just like it did before. However, during the 1920's this problem was more crucial. Colored people were the ones that suffered the most, they were often threatened to death, they were also seen as nothing compared to other races. With the help of many reformers, racial discrimination has decreased over time.
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By: Martie-Mai Martin and Karla Pineda
Race Relations in America during the 1920's
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In the south, the white and black signs became popular. The purpose of this was to let blacks know where they belong, which was separated from the whites.
This became known as the Jim Crow Laws
It was prohibited for black people to mix with the whites in public facilities, including schools.
Quote 1: In this story, Tom Buchanan was the one racist character.
He says "It's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or this other races will have control of things"(19).
This shows the main problem during the 1920's. A white person thinking their race are superior to any other.
Quote 2: "A limousine passed us, driven by a white chauffeur, in which say three modish Negroes" (58)
Tom was the main character that expressed the idea that whites was the superior race in society, which was the biggest issue during this time period.
Tom Buchanan
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