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Everyday Angel

No description

Jennifer Navarro

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Everyday Angel

Everyday Angel
Falling Action
Gabby and Marco always race up the hill and Marco always wins. One day Gabby won and she was suprised and when she heard Marco scream she knew something was wrong. Marco had a bad sickness. Then came Aria the angel.
Rising Action
When Aria found Gabby at the hospital she asked her what her name was after that they started talking about other things like where they are from and stuff like that. Aria knew that was Gabby because of the blue smoke surrounding her but Gabby couldn't see the smoke only angels. Aria found out that gabby was going to middle school so Aria signed her self in for school. Gabby and Aria had all the same classes when writing teacher told them to write in their journals about them self Gabby didn't want to write about the accident that Marco had. At the end of class they had to turn n their journals but Gabby and Aria had nothing written in their journals. When Gabby asked Aria why she had nothing written in her journal Aria kept quit because Aria doesn't have any Parents.
When Gabby thought about Aria she went looking for her because she knew Aria did all of that to help her. Aria she was an angel she was the kind of angel who helps people with problems. When Gabby found Aria she thanked her and then Aria told Gabby she had to leave because her job here was done. Then gabby got really sad and told her if she will ever see her again and then Aria said possibly. When Gabby's friends came they Said they didn't know who was Aria and then Gabby knew what Aria did.
Main Characters
The main characters in the book is Aria, Gabby, and Marco. The setting in the story is at School and also the Hospital. Aria is a kind of angel who helps people with their problems and there is also a kind of angel who knows who is going to die.
When Gabby finds out that Aria is an angel Gabby is upset because she does not believe her and is mad at Aria Gabby tells her to leave so she does. Then Aria feels like she did nothing to help Gabby. Then Aria sees Gabby's mom talking on the phone about Gabby and how Gabby is fine and nothing is wrong with her that is what her mom was saying through the phone. Then Aria knew what she had to do.
When Aria found out what was wrong with Gabby she told Gabby's mom so she can talk to Gabby and so she did. Gabby's mom went to talk to Gabby and how she is feeling about Marco being in the Hospital Gabby told her mom how she was feeling invisibel because her mom never told her how he was doing at school. Then Gabby remembered about Aria.
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