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EDSC 304 Course Overview

No description

Kristen Shand

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of EDSC 304 Course Overview

How can technology be used most effectively to support and assess student learning? Welcome to EDSC 304: Personal Proficiency in Educational Technology Slice One Slice Two Slice Three Slice Four Slice Five This course focuses on a fundamental question for teachers.... Utilize software and web-based tools to create student work samples, student support tools, assessment rubrics, visual aids and teacher management tools Learn about 21st century skills and National Education Technology Standards for Teachers and Students Utilize web-based collaboration and communication sites, and explore how to use such tools in instructional design Dr. Kristen Shand In developing your Teacher and Digital Unit Plan Sites, you will.... During this course, you will you learn how to use current technology tools and resources to:
create teacher facilitation tools for lesson planning and classroom management
design digitally-enhanced lessons for students
construct digital assessment tools Explore and evaluate internet resources and learn ways to ensure students use the Internet safely and responsibly Think of this course as one big apple pie (yum!), cut in five generous slices. The consumption of each slice will contribute to your understanding of how to use technology to improve teaching and learning.

The activities in each slice will move you closer to accomplishing the course goal...utilizing technology to plan for instruction, manage course resources and enhance student learning! In this Slice, you will.... Assess your readiness to learn online Reflect on... Begin construction of
your Teacher site Dr. Victoria Costa In this Slice, you will.... Begin construction of your Digital Unit Plan Site Choose a Content Standard on which to base your Unit Plan history English physical education art music mathematics World Languages Science Read about the purpose of graphic organizers
....and learn how to digitally create them! Create learning objectives for your unit In this Slice, you will.... Learn about how to assess student learning and create an assessment timeline for your unit Design a graphic organizer assignment for your unit Create a student work sample based on your expectations for the project create a rubric to assess the graphic organizer project Develop a digital assessment ... and locate and create digital interactives for your Teacher site In this Slice, you will.... Investigate responsible use of the Internet Design a webercise for your Unit In this Slice, you will.... Finalize your Unit Plan site Finalize your Teacher Wiki Website During the course, there are two major projects you will complete:
a Teacher Site (a website for teachers to help manage their classes and provide resources for students)

a Digital Unit Plan (a website focused on a specific unit of study with lessons designed for student use) Introduce yourself to the class Learn about Tools for Communication Become familiar with technology tools used for teaching and learning Explore the process of effective instructional-planning Learn about Tools for Organization Examine technology-rich Unit Plans Learn about Tools for Presentation Create a teacher lecture presentation with visual aids and guided notes Investigate how visual aids impact learning Create a timeline project for your Unit Learn how to assess student work Dr. Patrick Guggino Ms. Jennifer Blander Critique your classmates
Teacher Wiki Websites Done! ...and add Internet resources to your Teacher site Ms. Renee Citlau Dr. Debra Ambrosetti In slices 1 & 2, you will create your Teacher Site

In slices 3, 4 & 5, you will create your Digital Unit Plan

Throughout ALL slices, you will learn about technology tools and resources to help you manage and plan engaging student assignments and activities Complete an Intel Module on
Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Learn about Tools for Collection Learn how to
"Plan with Technology in Mind" Learn about tools
for collaboration Learn about Tools for Interaction . . .
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