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Celebrity Prezi Project

No description

MengJi Cai

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Celebrity Prezi Project

Chen He
Born in 9 November 1985.
Chen was born in Changle, Fujia
Mom:Hu XiaoLing
Shanghai Theater Academy
Celebrity Prezi Project
He don't have any brothers/sisters.

Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2014 Love on the Cloud Shaguo
Fleet of Time Sukhoi
2015 Running Man
Jian Bing Man
2016 Everybody's Fine
The New Year's Eve of Old Lee
Mr. Nian
how he get famous
family today
No kids
no Wife
Grew up in fujian
Anhui TV 2014 National Drama Festival annual great youth appeal Actor ( winner )
▪ 2013-10-25 youth cutting-edge selection of the most popular actor ( winner )
▪ 2012-12-14 National Drama Festival network 's most popular actor ( winner )
▪ 2012-12-14 National Drama Festival Best Newcomer Actor Love Apartments ( winner )
▪ 2012-04-25 One cutting-edge theater awards annual Actor Award bastard Raiders ( winner )
▪ 2011-03-14 Fifteenth Zuolin Dramatic Arts Award for Public Star ( winning )
▪ 2011-03-01 2011 Youku video index Festival Award for the best combination of love to force apartment ( winner )
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