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LOTE project

Arabella Dow

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of French

By Arabella G. Dow
That is... That is not...
Common Phrases and Words
Where is France?
Hello - Bonjour
Goodbye - Au Revoir
Good evening - Bonsoir
What is your name? - Comment tu t'apple?
My name is _______ - Je m'apple _______
How are you? - Comment çava?
I am feeling good! - Çava bien
I am not bad - Pas mal
I am feeling bad - Çava mal
Red - rouge
Orange - orange
Yellow - jaune
Pink - rose
Purple - violet
Blue - bleu
Green - vert
Brown - brun
White - Blanc
Gray - gris
Black - noir
A a (ah)
B b (bay)
C c (say)
D d (day)
E e (u)
F f (ef)
G g (jhey)
H h (ash)
I i (ee)
J j (ghey)
K k (ka)
L l (el)
M m (em)
N n (en)
O o (o)
P p (pay)
Q q (koo)
R r (ehr)
S s (es)
T t (tay)
U u (oo)
V v (vay)
W w (doo - blaw - vay)
X x (ex)
Y y (ee - grek)
Z z (zed)
To go - aller
To speak - parler
To spend (time) - passer
To eat - manger
To drink - boier
To do/make - faire
0 zero - zero
1 one - un
2 two - deux
3 three - trois
4 four - quatre
5 five - cinq
6 six - six
7 seven - sept
8 eight - huit
9 nine - neuf
10 ten - dix
I speak French and English
I speak French - Je parler Français
I speak English - Je parler Anglais
I speak a bit of French - Je parler un peu Français
I speak a bit of English - Je parler un peu Anglais
I speak French and English - Je parler Français et English
You (plural)-Vous
They (male)-Ills
They (female)-Elles
It is/That is - C'est
It is not/That is not- Ce ne pa
That is possible - C'est possible
That is not possible - Ce ne pa possible
Something, same thing, another thing!
Thing - chose
Something - autre chose
Same thing - meme chose
Another thing - un autre chose
I would like something - je voudrias autre chose
I would like the same thing - je voudrais la meme chose
I would like another thing - je voudrais un autre chose
January - janvier
February - février
March - mars
April - avril
May - mai
June - juin
July - juillet
August - août
September - septembre
October - octobre
November - novembre
December - décembre
Monday - lundi
Tuesday - mardi
Wednesday - mercredi
Thursday - jeudi
Friday - vendredi
Saturday - samedi
Sunday - dimanche
Is it too late?
It is too late - C'est trop tard
It isn't too late - Ce ne pas trop tard
It is very late - C'est trés tard
It isn't very late - Ce ne pas trop tard
A little later - Un peu plus tard
Restaurant Phrases
I would like to eat . . . please - Je voudrais manger . . . s'il vous plait
I would like to eat the same thing - Je voudrais manger la meme chose
What would you like to eat? - Quel voulez vous manger?
Where would you like to eat? - Ou voulez vous manger?
I would like to sit here - Je voudrais manger venir
Spring - printemps
Summer - été
Autumn - automne
Winter - hiver
I love you!
I love you - Je t'aime
I love you a little bit - Je t'aime un peu
I love you a lot - Je t'aime vocoo
I possibly love you - Je t'aime possiblement
I love you too much - Je t'aime trop vocoo
To know, to see and to have
Savior - To know
Avoir - To have
Voir - To see
Parts of the body
Shoulders - épaules
Chest - poutrine
Back - dos
Arm - bras
Throat - gorge
Neck - cou
Ears - oreilles
Hands - mains
Nails - ongles
Stomach - estomac
Hip - hanche
Backside - pistérieur
Legs - jambes
Knees - ganoux
Skin - tibia
Ankle - chnville
Sole - plante
Foot - piad
Toes - orteils
Elbow - coude
Wrist - poignet
Fingers - doigts
But, I must!
But - mais
I must - Je dois
I must go! - Je dois aller
I must go here! - Je dois aller venir
I must love you! - Je dois aime vous
Good luck! Or not?
Good luck! - Bonne chance
Bad luck! - Mal chance
Very good luck! - Tres bonne chance!
Very bad luck! - Tres mal chance!
A lot of good luck! - Vo cu bonne chance!
A lot of bad luck! - Vo cu mal chance!
grand-mère grandmother
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