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Lesson 17 Educational Technology 2 Practicum

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Ma. Cristina Suello

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 17 Educational Technology 2 Practicum

Lesson 17 Educational Technology 2 Practicum

Much like field studies in teacher education, Educational Technology 2 offers students the experiential process of adapting to technology integration within the student-centered paradigm. This is the practicum phase of course which can be done, as seen fit by the teacher, either at the end of the more theoretical lessons or inserted between lessons

The practicum phase consists of hands-on computer tutorials which the student teacher or professional teacher-trainee will need to make him/her capable.
The essential requirements for the ET 2 practicum phase will be:

· A computer laboratory/special computer classroom with adequate sets of computers for hands-on tutorial learning.
· Participation of computer lab tutor/assistant—as the teacher’s technical assistant- to assist the learner in the use of computer and its various programs.
· Assigned number of hour in conformity with the course requirement. Tutorials are preferably than during weekends in order to provide continuous hours of computer hands-on training.
The practicum phase consists in:
1. Basic Microsoft Word (6 hrs.
The tutorial familiarizes each individual learner to the basics of Microsoft Word. They will learn to use menus ant toolbars of the software. They will be taught, edit and format text, sentences and paragraphs
2. Microsoft PowerPoint (6 hrs)
The tutorial is a familiarization on the basic of Microsoft PowerPoint. It will train the learner to prepare PowerPoint presentations to enhance the teaching of the subjects.
3. Internet as tool of inquiry (4 hrs.)
The tutorial will facilitate the finding of sources of information appropriate to a learning task.

Course coverage:
· Accessing the Internet.
· Use of Internet tools.
· Search techniques
In sum, educational technology 2 promises to bring the student teacher and the professional teacher trainee to the challenges of a new age—integrating technology in the teaching-learning process. The brisk pace of technology advancement and innovation continues, but ET 2 is a preparation to bring our teachers to move ahead with their use of technology in the classroom.

Overall, the Filipino teacher shall be empowered to meet the technology challenges of a 21st century Digital Age.
Prepared by:
Ma. Cristina Suello
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