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Stem Project1 Camera

No description

Sarah Kearney

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Stem Project1 Camera

By Lauren Guthrie and Sarah Kearney The Camera!! Who Invented The Camera? Alexander Wolcott was the original inventor of the camera! He Invented the camera on May 8, 1840. The Different Uses: Then and Now Then: His invention made it possible for candid photos to be taken and not fade away with time. Now: The Camera is now used for many things. It's used to take pictures, record videos, and document things. Innovations Undergone Since Original Invention The camera used to be huge, but now it is hand held. Also, it used to only capture still frames, but now it can record video, too. How It Has Impacted Society In A Negative Way! Though it may seem, the camera isn't all good. Maybe you take great picture to keep for memory and then you lose it or accidentally delete it then you have a sick feeling in your gut.

??????????? Let's say you are sick and can't go to the museum with your friends... you would want a recap of what happened, right? If they took pictures or videos, it would be almost as if you were there with your friends. How It Has Impacted Society In A Positive Way! The camera is awesome and so was this presentation, so give us a good grade!!! The End The End!! The camera is awesome and so was this presentation, so give us a good grade!!
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