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Free Response Questions

No description

Sarah Ross

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Free Response Questions

Question 2
Describe and compare total resource use per capita in developed an developing countries.
Question 1
Describe what makes a resource renewable or non renewable. Give a specific example of a renewable resource and of a nonrenewable resource.
A renewable resource is a resource that is naturally recycled or recycled by artificial within a time frame useful for people such as air. A nonrenewable resource is a resource cycled so slowly by natural earth process that once used,it won't be available within any useful time framework.
Developing and undeveloped are dissimilar because the total resource use per capita greater in developed countries than in developing countries. In terms of comparison, developed countries rely more on nonrenewable energy sources whereas developing countries make better use of renewable resources.
Question 3
What is meant by sustainable resource use? Give an example.
Free Response Questions
A sustainable resource is using a resource at a rate that does not reduce its availability or ability to be replenished over a long period of time. Lumber can be considered a sustainable resource as long as the trees grow at the same rate as they are being cut down.
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