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Michael and Tamara's Problem

No description

karen del rio

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Michael and Tamara's Problem

Michael and Tamara High school is an important part of everybody’s life, and this story is not the exception Montwood high school was the place where this interesting story started. Tamara and Michael met in their math class during their high school senior year, they liked each other instantly and right before graduation they started a relationship After that, both of them enrolled at the University of Texas at El Paso, Tamara was interested in entering into the Nursing Program and Michael was majoring in business management, both continuing their education and their love story . Also, Tamara and Michael both worked part-time at Peter Piper Pizza, so they would see each other a lot, creating a positive path in their relationship. Everything looked so great for this couple, they were in love, they were studying and both of them had a job, although they were young their future seemed bright and nice. One day Michael decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tamara, he felt that she was the only and chosen one so in the middle of a romantic dinner, with candles and lightened by the stars, Michael proposed to Tamara bringing tears out from her lovely eyes. Tamara instantly said yes and they kissed like if it was the very last time. They set their wedding for a year after that date so they would have plenty of time to get things done and be completely sure about what they were doing. The first hard step came, telling their parents would be tough and uncomfortable but they had to do it in some time. One night Michael and Tamara arranged a dinner with both of their parents at Michael’s house to tell them the good news. The evening was flowing very smooth so Michael dropped the bomb, both of their parents were shocked and what seemed to be a nice dinner became an intense talk, neither one of their parents accepted, they believed that Michael and Tamara were still very young to marry. Although their parents didn’t quite accepted, the lovely couple kept their plans on going. However as the time passed by, problems and difficulties were daily things between the couple. One day after a very bad discussion caused by the stress and tension, Michael and Tamara decided to break up their engagement and their relationship. But their love and feelings were harder than any kind of tensions and problems, so 2 weeks after they broke up, they made up, decided to stay engaged and had sex in Michael’s house. They never worried about pregnancy because Tamara was in birth control, but for some unknown reason or maybe the just the destiny, Tamara got pregnant giving an unexpected turn to both of their lives. Both of them were shocked , but not just that, they were afraid and in some way happy because that baby was the product of their love, it was just a mix of feelings that was messing up Michael’s and Tamara’s minds. Neither one of them knew what to do, so they didn’t tell their parents, after some thinking both of them decided to abort the baby because they weren’t prepared neither mentally and economically to maintain a baby. Although they decided to abort, they weren’t still completely sure, so Tamara and Michael examined their options, one of them was to have the baby and giving him in adoption and the other was to have the baby and keep it, even though they believed that their parents wouldn’t support them. The couple decided to go to see the specialist to see their options according abortion, like the procedure and who performs the procedure. Both of them were scared with the procedure because it was also very risky for the mother, and it would have some consequences on her body. Tamara told about her situation to her best friend Jessica, they were friends since 4th grade so they were very connected to each other. Jessica was very angry to Tamara but not because she got pregnant but because she wanted to abort the baby. Jessica told her that abortion was murder that baby was a human life and it was not fair for the baby to not give him the opportunity to live. In that moment Michael entered the room and heard their conversation, instantly he interrupted them and disagreed with Jessica. Michael told her that abortion was the best option, they were still very young and inexperienced to have a baby. Although Michael defended his position against Jessica, he wasn't still sure about what they were going to do. Everything looked like if the destiny was in favor of the abortion option, some days after Tamara went to the doctor, her boss at Peter Piper Pizza offered her a manager position. Tamara was a great worker, she was responsible, hard worker and well-mannered, so this opportunity was fair and just for her. Michael and Tamara's mom tried to convince her to accept the job, but Jessica told Tamara not to accept it, the manager position would be a lot of responsibility for her and she would be not able to take it due to her condition. Once again Tamara had to make a decision, a decision that would affect her life and also her baby's. Tamara was overwhelmed with this decision, she had to decide, the deadline before she could abort was getting closer and closer, and as the time passed by she would feel more connected to her baby. Tamara had to take the decision, it was her body, her life and her right to make the decision by herself and not let anyone affect her. Tamara went to the old house where she used to live when she was a child, she spend the whole day there, remembering all the memories she had in that house and remembering how happy she was during her childhood. Tamara came back home around 9:00 pm, and sat down with her parents in the living room. Tamara was completely sure about what she would do, she told her parents the truth, that she was pregnant and that she was going to have the baby, no matter what they or anyone would think or say. THANK YOU :)
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