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Alphabet-Inspired Layout.

No description

Farshyn Landoy

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Alphabet-Inspired Layout.

Alphabet Inspired
The beauty of letterform, established by scribes and type designers over a period of several centuries,
provides one other source of inspiration for designers.
Alphabet Inspired Layout
Alphabet-Inspired Layout.
The basic shape of letters, both capitals and lower case, can serve as the basic pattern for the arranging of
elements within an ad. An ad designed to approximate the shape of a letter of the alphabet-or a number, for that matter-usually is strong in both unity and eye travel, two important design qualities.
Distinctive use of type and font selection.
The type is manipulated in a way as to create both literal and visual meaning in the ad.

Well designed and constructed type.
Could be a great amount of type or a small amount but the layout uses type as opposed to images.
Alphabet Inspired Layout
The designer, however, should avoid an arrangement that too closely suggests a particular letter. The letter should serve only as the starting point. The reader ordinarily would not be conscious that the ad took off from a letter or number.
Type will dominate the ad but in a unique manner that has been extracted for the purpose of the ads message.
Presented by:
Landoy, Ferlyn Roise L.
Evangelista, Inno Dominicke E.
Chavez, Margaux Heather C.
Fader, Marjorie Ann F.
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