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The Village School Community Garden

No description

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of The Village School Community Garden

Active Gardening Participants
Supplies & Support
Additional Supplies
Total Price
The Village School Community Garden
By: The Village School Environmental Science Class
Goals & Reasons
“Accessible natural areas may be vital for mental health in our rapidly urbanizing world,” said by a professor in environmental science at Stanford
It can lead to a lower risk of depression
Gardening strengthens your immune system.
Nature improves short-term memory
While you're outdoors basking in the sun, you'll also soak up plenty of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. In turn, calcium helps keep your bones strong and your immune system healthy.

In one study, students were divided into two groups to take a memory test, one group took a walk around the city, while the other half took a walk among trees.

The results show that those who walked among trees did 20% better than their first time, however, the grades of other group did not improve.
It restores mental energy
One study found that people's mental energy bounced back even when they just look at pictures of nature.
Also, natural beauty can elicit feelings of awe, which is one of the surest way to experience a mental boost.
What types of plants should we add to our garden to make it reflective of the diversity we have at Village?
We will send out a google survey
Required Supplies

- Hose/Sprinklers
- Soil
- Lumber for garden beds
- Plants and seeds
- garden tools
Blank Wooden Bench x4-x5 (Help with Art Activities)
Automatic Sprinklers x6
Stone Trail
Lanterns x8-x10 (For night and pesky bugs)
Adult Trees x2 (Shade)
Location & Design
- Food
- Pollinators/Migration
- Research
- Endangered Species
Green Club Collaboration
Fund raising
Community Outreach
Student Body Outreach
Thank You!
* Improve the environmental wellness
*Create a place where students can go to relax
*Encourage students to spend more time outside
David Akinokun
Shahd Alnaji
Jean Cao
Z Chen
Vincent Dong
Eduoard Dubus
Chandler Garvie
Diana Haidai
Khalil Mack
Simona Nessel
JP Onigbanjo
Long Pham
Mike Qu
Eden Rounce
Yujun Sima
Jessica Yao
We will send out details for specific requests at a later date
Community Involvement
*Serve as a learning and research location for all divisions
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