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Estilla Hefter

No description

Hef Est

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Estilla Hefter

Estilla HEfter
My name's Estilla.
I'm 18.
I know it's a bit strange...
But just barely.
I live and study in Budapest.
I'm a student of AKG.
Though I want go to university in London.
(Alternative Secondary School of Economics)
And no, not everybody studies economics there...
I chose maths and physics as my advanced subjects.
I want to be a girly engineer.
...and I'm visiting Prezi for a week.
If you've found this, you're awesome!
In my school we have theme-weeks.
Weeks where we do awesome stuff.
Like help people or go on a forest trip.
This one is called
shadow week
We choose someone to follow for five days.
Whose field of expertise we're interested in.
I'd like to study robotics and/or CS at uni.
Additionally, is a cool company.
...so this is why I'm here!
I'm an ambassador at NaTE
Women for Science Association Hungary
It's an organization that helps women and girls to find their way into the world of science
I held presentations during the National Researcher's Night
They were about androids, robots and AIs
A few months ago, I began to learn coding.
It's still buggy though...
I have 3 main hobbies:
I've been attending an extracurricular for 6 years now. I'm now one of the veterans and take part teaching the newbies. I also participate in competitions.
There's a club in my school where we have tons of LEGO with Mindstorms robots. A couple years back I was also part of the school's First LEGO League team.
Video Gaming
Sooo... is there such thing as a gamer girl?
That's it about me!
A big thanks to Dani Falus for taking me in!
And also to my awesome boyfriend who helped me make this Prezi so cool!
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