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Facebooking in Latin. Here, we arm students with the tools to use Facebook in, well, Latin.

Daniel MacGregor

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Facielibrifacere

Facielibrifacere "Facebooking" Domus (Homepage) domus, domi, f. "home"
charta, chartae, f. "profile"
persona, personae, f. "settings"
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum "search" Historia Nuntiorum
(News Feed) Quid cogitas?
"What do you think?"
Optima Nuntia
Recentissima Nuntia
nuntia, nuntiorum, n. pl. "news"
sententia, sententiae, f. "comment"
partio, partire, partivi, partitum "share"
abscondo, abscondere, abscondidi, absconditum "hide"
grex, gregis, m./f. "group"
ligamen, ligaminis, n. "link"
annotatio, annotationis, f. "note"
fautor, fautoris, m. "fan"
fautrix, fautricis, f. "fan" Charta (Profile) indicium, indicii, f. "information"
societas, societatis, f. "network"
civis, civis, m./f. "member"

caelebs, caelibis, m. "single"
nubilis, nubilis, f. "single"
coniunctus, -a "in a relationship"
sponsus, -a "engaged"
maritus, -a "married"
difficile dictu "it's complicated"

dilecti musicarum "favorite musicians"
spectacula televisifica dilecta "favorite tv shows"
dilecti pelliculi "favorite movies"
dilecti librorum "favorite books"
sententiae dilectae "favorite quotes"

inscriptio electronica "email"
mobilis numerus "cell phone number"
servo, servare, servavi, servatum "save"
retexo, retexere, retexui, retextum "cancel" Amici (Friends) amicitiam petere "seek friendship; add"
epistula, epistulae, f. "message"
petitio, petitionis, f. "request"
pungo, pungere, pepugi, punctum "poke"
deleo, delere, delevi, deletum "delete"
imago, imaginis, f. "picture"
congeries, congeriei, f. "album"
coniungo, coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctum "join" Eventus (Events) Respondendum tibi est
"You should respond"
Participans "Attending"
Fortasse Participans "Maybe Attending"
Non Participans "Not Attending"
Licet hospitibus amicos ferre ad hunc eventum
"Guests may bring friends to this event" Effugere (Escape) Persona
Optiones Personae
Lingua Gratia Addititia
(Extra Credit) Change your Facebook language to Latin
Post a status in Latin (needn't be perfect)
Take a screen shot showing this status (Prnt Scrn and paste to an image editor)
Censor out all other people's names and any personal info (all I need to see is your name and all the Latin on the page)
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