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who am i?

No description

emily young

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of who am i?

Who am I?
This is me

Emily Young
Ms. Powers

I have always been creative even when I was younger. I always was drawing or colouring. I've always been doing some sort of artwork. When I was in grade three, my friend Adam and I had gone to an art camp where all you did everyday was learning about different ways to create art. We both loved it there. I can remember in the class that we made these volcano's and when they were dry you were allowed to paint them. After that week at the Burlington art camp I have always wanted to be something that involved art.

This is my room that I have re done. I love it this way because I got to design my room the way I want, so I picked chalkboard paint around the top. Plus I can also draw all over the walls and my parents wont get mad at me. I can really express my creativity in my room.
In elementary school, I would always draw and doodle during class. I still do now because its fun for me. Another way I have expressed and shown my creativity is last year when I designed my room and I made everything so colourful. I painted two colours on my walls. On the bottom, I painted it blue, then there was a chair rail going all around my room with chalkboard paint above the rail. After everything was painted, I put on new sheets on my bed and I moved all the furniture and everything was the way I wanted it to be. Later on, I took chalk and I started drawing and decorating all over my walls. I love how it looks now because everything I draw up there is who I am and what I love. If you ever walked in my room, you would know that I love to draw and how creative I am. Throughout the years I have expressed my creativity though drawing or painting, but also I have expressed it though they way I do my hair or the way I dress.
Started from the bottom

Hi my name is Emily Young. I was born on July 24Th 1998 at Joseph Brant hospital. I like taking pictures, animals and Ed Sheeran. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Where to?
I have always loved to travel, to see new places, to explore and to meet new people. I think it is good to travel because you only live for so long. There are so many places that I want to see and visit like for example; the Maya ruins in Mexico or to the London eye. I would like to visit these places because I love history and I think it would be cool to see these historic places; for example where the Maya ruins are, think about how this great civilization built these great castles.
been there, done that.

I remember when I was younger, I used to go see my Nanny and Poppy all the time in New Brunswick. It was so fun there. My cousins live there too. Another great place to travel to is Florida. when I was in grade 7, my family and my cousins drove down to Florida, which was very long and painful but it was really fun because you can visit places along the way. when we were driving we stopped at the Hersey factory in Hersey,Pennsylvania and we made our own chocolate bars. we also got to go to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. which was very cool to go inside and your around Elvis's house. Every summer i visit the East coast of Canada because that's where my Dads family is from. I just got back from Newfoundland in August. we did a lot of fun things like exploring this hidden waterfall that was hidden by an old copper mine. We also went fishing, which I love doing. The best thing about traveling is visiting your family or friends that you don't get to see everyday.
My sister and I at Captain James Cook monument Corner Brook, Newfoundland.
Road trip pictures
This is Elvis's house. Everything was decorated pretty weird, but I guess that's what he wanted. Everything in this house was every unique and creative like for example; in his pool room he put fabric all over the walls and the ceiling. It was soo cool.
This is the Cinderella castle in Disney world, Orlando Florida. It was really fun there but it was way over crowded. There was so many fun rides like Space mountain or the Rock'n roller coaster which is in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
this is Elvis's living room. He had put mirrors all around the walls.
He also had a big grand black piano. Everything in his house was all decorated.I think it was cool because when I was a kid I used to love Elvis. I watched most of his movies with my parents and when ever I took trips with my family, We would listen to him.
This is Adam and I at Kelso after art camp. we have been friends ever since our brothers have been playing hockey together. We used to go to art camp every summer. It was a lot of fun.
Now we are here
An important thing to me is my family. My family and I always get along and We always have a good laugh. I have 4 grandparents, 5 uncles, 4 aunts, 6 cousins, 2 parents and 3 siblings. Everyone is really funny and creative. We always get together and have dinner together. My grandma loves to cook, I do too. My cousins and my grandma always bake together. I chose these two words for my final theme because I believe these two are the most important. Without friends and family everyone would be lost and mad, no one could have anyone to lean on when they needed help. The world wouldn't be the same without friends and family.
All in primary, elementary and high school I have made many friends. Friends are there for the good and the bad. I can remember when I first when to school and I had a friend named Megan. We were in SK together. We used to play all the time. We once had a six day sleepover but as we starting growing up, we stopped talking. Which is sad because she was my best friend but I made new friends in grade one. I didn't actually have any friends that were girls until grade three though which kinda sucked but it was easy making friends. In grade thee, two girls moved to Burlington, Issy and Maddie. I was so happy to finally have two friends that were girls. We all started being friends and we are all still friends now Were all go to nelson and its great that we've been friends forever. Now at Nelson, I have made even move friends. I think it's ever important to have good friends because friends are should make you feel better when you down or be able to tell them anything. Friends can be anywhere in the world as long as their there from you and your there for them too.
This is a picture of my mom's side of the family. This was taken a couple of years ago. My family really are everything to me.
This is my cousin, Griffin. He is one of my best friends. He's really funny and can always make me laugh.
These are my two cousins, Riley and Quinn. There really fun to be with because were always out doing something like swimming or doing gymnastics.
These are my friends, Maddie.w and Megan. In this picture, we were at the One direction concert. It was so good. We all love them.
This is my friend, Maddie.Mc.
Shes the life of the party and super nice. This was taken in the summer at Naps pizza. This was a good night.
This is my best friend Karley, she went to nelson last year but she moved to the U.S last year. We're still best friends.
During this assignment, I learned that everyone is labeled, wither you like it or not, we all are labeled. In the short story, "on the sidewalk bleeding" written by Even Hunter, the main character, Andy, was was labeled as a royal and because he was labeled, no one would help him. I am labeled as creative, a traveler and as a good friend and family member. I chose these themes or labels because my family tells me that I am every creative, also all my friends and family knows that I want to travel and see the world. Finally, I chose friends and family because both are very important to me. I chose the best visuals for each theme that showed how and why i am a traveler or creative. I would like to highlight that out of all the things I've done so far with my life, my favourtive thing in this whole world is that I like to help others and animals. Another thing I have learned, is that when I'm older, I want to go to college and learn more about the environment, then I will travel around the world and help save the dolphins in Japan. I have learned that I'm not the type of person who can sit in an office but has to go out and explore whats out there because I die. Everyone is different. that is good because we all cant be the same. If we were the world would have no creativity and no expression. I am who i am.
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