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french revolution of 1830-1848

No description

irvin martinez

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of french revolution of 1830-1848

french revolution of 1830-1848
cause of
revolution 1830
liberalism and nationalism began to break through conservative domination of Europe
many became frustrated over poor economic conditions and gov. corruption
middle class clamed for the right to vote
louis tried to rule like moderate
dissatisfaction among republicans
congress of vienna
principle of intervention
believed that people should be free
believed in basic rights
religious toleration
didn't believe in democracy
no state should rule another state
believed each nationality should have there own gov.
is the devotion to the interest or culture of a particular nation
they wanted to restore peace and stability in Europe
restore old order
they rearranged territories in Europe
form a new balanced power
wanted to keep any country from dominating Europe
what led to the revolution that swept across Europe in 1848
napoleons defeat
European ruler wanted to return to conservative order and keep a balance power among nations
liberals and nationalist struggled to achieve more liberal gov. in nations
the french revolutions of 1848
most french were angry because they could not vote
people wanted french republic
there was lots of unemployment and expensive food
gov. changed
france became a republic with a constitution
9 million french could now vote
louis napoleon became president of french
congress of Vienna had made Netherlands and belgium one country
belgians were french speaking catholics
the dutch were dutch speaking protestants
belgians riot in the streets
Belgium becomes and independent state
Belgium has a liberal constitution
belgians win
revolution Poland 1830
Poland was divided up between Russia, Austria and Prussia and the congress of Vienna
Poland wanted their own country again
Russian army puts down the rebellion using brutal force
revolution austia 1848
Austria empire included hungarians Czech Slovaks
each of these ethnic groups wanted their own country
hungarians and Czechs lose
revolution italy 1848
italians wanted their own country
Italy looses
revolution Germany
german students and workers wanted reforms and nationl unity
liberals cant agree on what type of gov. Germany should have
conservatives attack them
germans loose
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