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DSBN Instructional Coaches: The Sky's the Limit!

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paulette alcox

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of DSBN Instructional Coaches: The Sky's the Limit!

The Sky's The Limit
DSBN Instructional Coaching...
Instructional Coaches inspire
Instructional coaches are an integral part of
building collaborative culture
The learning community is eager to plan learning cycles that incorporate big ideas, the curriculum, connections to other topic/strands, choice, critical thinking and assessment
Instructional Coaches support the
building of teacher and student efficacy
Teachers can reflect on how their new learning about student learning and the instructional decisions they make impact student learning.
built with Instructional Coaches encourage a greater
open to learning stance
Instructional Coaches
When Instructional Coaches partner with teachers both are
supported to reflect ...
"Teachers are already thinking about next year -- booking to co-plan for September (they already know their learning goals.) Wow -- that's awesome!"
-DSBN coach
-A commitment to growth in our professional knowledge and practice
"Teachers are willing to meet with me after school for coffee and discussion about learning plans."
"I have teachers who will text or call me at home to discuss what my husband calls, 'The Manhattan Project'. When teachers commit this much time to class and school improvement, I think it is evidence of passion for, and dedication to our profession".

-DSBN coach
Teaching staff are engaged!
In CILM, "I realized I'm not going about math the best way. These students who I would have thought incapable were driving the lesson. I can't wait to do another unit. This changes my thinking."
-DSBN teacher
Through the coaching role we are able to build teacher efficacy. When teachers apply their new learning to their instructional practices and see the positive impact on student achievement, they are inspired to continue on their new path of learning.
Teachers self-identifying their theory of action, co-created an action plan and collaborating to implement it with their instructional coach, colleagues, administrators, support staff, SSS staff, and others.
"Teachers give up their own time to organize school resources with me and align their use with curriculum expectations so that colleagues can easily access what is in the building -- promoting best practice, as partners."
-DSBN coach
"I really appreciate how the instructional coach helped me answer the questions 'so what?' and 'what can I do about it?' when looking at all the data we have gathered."
- DSBN teacher
If you want to know how the lesson really went, ask the students!
"As a result of working with our instructional coach, I feel my understanding of mathematics and how to teach it has increased. As a result, my confidence has also increased. I feel that my math program is much richer. The connections my students are making are crucial to their understanding of the math we are investigating together."
-Grade 1 Teacher
Listening, really listening is so much better than talking.
Teachers are valuing co-planning time more and making it a priority in their day.
"I just wanted to send you some photos of our co-planned report writing unit in action. Students were really engaged in all of the critical challenges and are currently in the process of writing really good reports. I am planning on conferencing (using the writing checkbric) and giving the students the opportunity to write another report." Grade 1/2 Teacher
"I am seeing a commitment to professional development -- staying current by reading education literature and adopting what they have learned into their practice. By discussing and sharing what they are learning , their dedication is often contagious."
-DSBN coach
...on student learning
Instructional coaches support the
transfer of new learning
to future planning.
...on instructional strategies
...on working as partners
Teachers are more confident implementing new strategies and sharing them with others
"Many of the things I've done with my coach this year, I would not have done on my own. I can honestly say that her help has made me a better teacher. I plan on using my inquiry method in all areas of my teaching." Grade 3 Teacher
"With more complex initiatives, such as Fosnot and critical thinking, I feel it is crucial to have a collaborative team to help guide us through the process. I am positive that my unit would not have been successful without this team." - Grade 8 teacher
"I was feeling more confident after our conversation from the other day so that helped me prepare to share at the PLC meeting" - Grade 1/2 teacher
Administration recognizes and supports the value of collaborating, between all members of the school's learning team.
"After our day long PLC, we were very energized, very enlightened by the muddy process, but came away with a new lens in which to examine the expectations, develop learning goals and success criteria." - Principal
The use of "I can..." statements that reword the curriculum expectations in a positive way can be empowering for students.
"I wasn't very good at math in the other years. Now my teacher is teaching me the way that I need to be taught [working collaboratively with a partner] so I can learn. Now math is my best subject." -Grade 8 student
Collaboration happens at all levels, increasing student engagement.
My colleagues are adopting the use of learning journey boards/ performance boards to document student learning. Can be time-consuming but they see the value:"
-DSBN coach
Students are engaged!
"I just wanted to formally thank you for all your help and support this year so far. I'm learning a lot and I really appreciate it!"
-new teacher
"great...thank you!
today went well....the kids really liked the fact that they could read their own books!
see you friday"
-DSBN teacher

"I was very impressed with the level of teacher engagement, learning and analysis of student work. The expertise you bring and comfort staff have working with you and [SSS staff] is in my opinion a critical element to that success. Thanks to you both."
“Thanks for the help yesterday, I looked through the richest ancient civilization stuff this morning. Really great stuff, I will find some time to meet with _______ and talk about it. Thinking we can use the process or just substitute our topics and follow the same template - anyways great stuff”

"First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help today. You made the whole process very speedy and painless....I couldn't have gotten through it without you!"
-DSBN principal
"I have done person, place, and object with my students and they have started to work with their writing partner and I started some conferencing... I am just a little confused about the next step that they would be observing. Any suggestions?"
-DSBN teacher
"______ was very happy with her session with you and already spoke with me about it. She really felt that your help was paramount. Thanks so much."
-DSBN Principal
"Thank you ______ for the ideas and today's math experience. I'll pick your brain after I get a chance to look at these documents.
DSBN teacher

-DSBN coach
"We like when [the coach] planned Math & taught with our teacher. We liked that [she] explained questions to our understanding and we liked the activities we did. We always used manipulatives and talked about our work."
-DSBN student
“LOVED working with [the coach]. I found it to be re-energizing and very encouraging. I learnt and grew so much”
-DSBN teacher
“[the coach] and I have developed a fantastic teaching relationship, rapport and trust that has taken time."
-DSBN teacher
“ … her expertise – support, guidance, mentoring had encouraged and developed a greater framework for my overall teaching, planning and practice”

-DSBN teacher
We have been doing this inquiry unit together for Social Studies and it is something that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a few years now. I’ve known about the book (Comprehension and Collaboration) and wanted to try it for Science ..inquiry-based teaching/ learning, but I just felt that it was something that I wasn’t quite ready for… but having your support made me ready. So, I don’t think that I would have even taken this inquiry unit on this year,
-DSBN teacher
Friday's session has left me in a whirlwind of reflection (in a good way). The whole concept of permanent change has framed a weekend of thought and discussion -- it has shaped my day, a project I'm working on, and so much conversation. Thank you for the chance to reflect thoughtfully. I need to read "Intentional Interruptions" as I know the phrase "permanent change" means more than it first implies. At first it seems like an oxymoron, right? But thinking about what factors helped those truly change (even when nobody is looking), is where I'm focusnig my attention today.
I am continually grateful for the opportunities this role is giving me.
email from a reflective, responsive Instructional Coach
And I think that if I am reflecting on myself as a teacher through the experience of having the help of a coach, I would say that the main thing is that I think I have become a more responsive teacher, just slowing down I think I am responding better to the kids and slowing down and going a little bit deeper… so I think that is how I have changed as a teacher.
-DSBN teacher
"The most effective school leaders are able to collaboratively create and sustain changes that continually enhance student achievement.
-Blankenstein (2004)
It's important to intentionally interrupt the propensity to 'do' rather than to 'learn'.
-Katz et al (2013)
“Growth requires a never-ending process of learning; doing; learning; and doing across a life span. Change will go on around us whether we grow or not.”
-Judy Arin Krupp
“Transformational coaching is possible only when the coach is engaged in a process of transforming her own behaviours, beliefs and being along with the client.” -Elena Aguilar (2013)
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