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Mean Girls Presentation

No description

Erin James

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls Presentation

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
Based on the work of Piaget
3 levels broken into 6 stages
What stage you were in was determined by your answer to the hypothetical moral dilemma known as the Heinz Dilemma.
Moral Dilemma
Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development applied to the Movie Mean Girls
Movie Summary
Mean girls is the story about a home-schooled student from South Africa, Kady, joining a public high school for the first time.
She initially makes 2 friends who show her around the school.
When the Plastics, teen royalty, ask her to join them for lunch Kady is convinced to spend time with them in order to get information to ruin Regina George's life.
Identification of Theory in Practice

An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives
To obey one thing would result in transgressing another
This is also called an ethical paradox
Interpersonal relationships
live up to values of community
trust, compassion, empathy
Kohlberg Theory Level 2, Stage 3
Conventional; Judgement based on others approval, family expectations, traditional values, laws of society & loyalty
Identification of Theory in Practice
Ms. Norbury leads a trust exercise in the gym with all girls.
Identification of Theory in Practice
Ms Norbury leads Q&A about bullying
Kohlberg Theory
Level 2 Conventional & Moral Reasoning Stage 4 Law & Order Orientations
Maintaining Social Order; Social obedience at school
Maintain social order to avoid chaos
Identification of Theory in Practice
Ms Norbury has Cady compete in Mathletes
Kohlberg Theory
Level 3 Post-Conventinal
Stage 6 Universal Ethical Principle Orientation
Based on Abstract Thinking
Laws are followed only if they are just
Laws that are not just are not followed

Identification of Gaps of Theory in Practice
Behaviour: Mr. Duvall is uses a baseball bat and pulls fire alarm when chaos erupts
Behaviour violates moral principles
Level 2 Conventional Moral Reasoning
Stage 4 Law & Order Orientations
Maintaining Social Order
Using the baseball bat to control students and the chaos
Mr. D's behavior actually increases the chaos
Identification of Gaps in Theory
Coach Carr gets involved in non-professional inter-personal relationships with students

Behaviour is violating moral principles
Avoiding punishment for his own self-interest
Level 1 Preconventional Moral Reasoning
Stage 2 Personal Reward Orientation
Preaching abstinence, but involved in elicit activities with students
Serving self-interest before following moral principles
We applied Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development to character's behaviour in Mean Girls
Relevant for teachers to ground their practice in professional moral reasoning
Moral dilemmas occur in teaching practice
Application of theory to practice

Ms. Norbury Mr. Duvall Mr. Carr
Stages of Moral Development
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