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Holidays Around the World


Karen Simmons

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World
Holidays are celebrated around the world in many different ways!

In China people eat wheat and soybeans and fruit bars and rice and noodles. This is some of many traditions in China. Trees are called trees of light and Santa is called Dun Chelao and every year they name a year after animals.
Foods and Traditions in China
people eat in Brazil like pork and apple pie and ship bread turkey and ham and salads and fresh and dried fruits. People wear in Brazil like gauchos and straw hats and straw boots.
This is Brazil food and clothing
This is some of many traditions but hear is some like Boxing day and Pr'espio and Three King day and there Santa is named Papai noel .
This is Brazil Traditions
People in Brazil listen to Deck the Hall and Jingle Bells and Away in a manger and All I what for Christmas is my two front teeth.They put up decoration like ornaments and light Christmas tree and holly and gnome and candy canes and bells.
This is Brazil Songs and Decoration
By: Braydon, Kristopher, Matthew

Brazil , England, China
This presentation will show how people celebrate some of the seasonal Holidays.
How to say happy holiday
songs and Decorations in China
some of the songs and Decorations in China.
Deck the halls , Away in manger and Santa Song.
Here is some Decorations in China spider bears ,Monkey goat , fish, pandas. .
Traditions and Foods in England
England celebrates Christmas because of the birth of Jesus and when It's Christmas morning they open there presents.
clothing from China
In China people wear robes, dress and gown ty shirts jeans and that is what they were in china
Box Day - like Christmas
Roast Turkey
Brussel Sprouts
roast potatoes
cranberry sauce
Decorations and songs
The decorations that they have in England
these are the songs for Christmas in England
merry xmas every body
I wish it could be Christmas every day
fairy tale of New york
Religious Beliefs and clothing
The Religious Beliefs England celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus Christ when he was born.

They wear suit and normal clothes and sweaters because it rains a lot there and it is cloudy a lot there too.
Hope you enjoyed our prezi and that is all that we did on are country for Brazil and England and China
Holiday Around
the World
Hope you liked it.
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