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Brienne Broyles

on 20 January 2010

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Transcript of Mountain

MountainAnimals By: Brienne Broyles Mountain Overview: Animals in the Environment: Gelada Baboon: Giant Pandas: Snow Leopard: Guanaco: Puma/Cougar/Mountain Lion/Catamount/Mountain Screamer: Threats to the environment How can we Help: Sources: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/species/
All types of animals live in these environments. But this strenous environment makes it difficult for an animal to survive without adapting to the landscape and the different predators and prey that live thier. Some of the more popular animals that call mountains are; Gelada Baboon, Giant Panda, Snow Leopards, Guanaco, and the Puma/Mountain Lion/Cougar. Gelada Baboons live in the grassy rocky cliffs of Africa on the Amhara plateau.
These baboons are also known by the name bleeding heart monkey.
Due to thier naked patch of skin near thier heart that turns bright red for alpha males or during a females mating dance.
This species also frequently have groups fights for entertainment and power with in thier group. Giant pandas live in the rough lush forest environments found around southwestern China.
Pandas are the only vegetarian bear in the world they even have a sixth digit on thier paw to manipulate thier food to eat more in thier 14hour eating window during a day.
Thier is said to be only 1,600 pandas left in the wild do to human activities such as forestry.
And the only other predators to Pandas only are a threat when they are young. These predators are; snow leopards and and eagles Snow leopards can be found anywhere from Russia ,China, and Pakistan
Thier spotted coats help them blend into thier surroundings and hunt easier without being seen. Beofre planet earth caught them in 2007 there was no footage of an actual hunt by one of these fearsome predators
Perfer the steeper higher elevations of the mountains but move south during the winter.
Eat a variety of prey from blue sheep in the Himalays to even Ibex in the Mongolian and Russian Mountains The Guanaco call the Andes mountains of South America home.
Spit when mad
Used as a main source of food and warmth to the Andean Indians.
Males Dance with one another for power positions. Today most of our world's environments are threatened by our world's populations lack of attention to the problems at hand. To notice the pollution and constant lack of judgement when it comes to money and it's effects. Environments like this one are threatened mostly by industries such as mining and othr searches for fossil fuels and local pollution by communities. We can help the environment by cutting back on the activities that polute or damage the way of life for these organisms. And in short coserve and recycle the way you would for anyother threatened environment. If you want to make a bigger difference you could join a club or donate to an organzations that defends these animals and endangered animals throughout the world like the W.W.F.(World Wildlife Fund) The basic definition of a mountain is a landscape that is steeper and taller than a hill.
Mountain environments are found all over the world. Thier rocky rigid landscapes make it difficult for wildlife to survive and thrive here. live in North and South America
live in forest,desert, mountains, and steppes
prey on guanaca,deer, and other grazers.
submit a loud high pitched cry similar to a woman's scream.
This animal Clearly has to many names clearly
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